Introduction to AHBottomNavigation

April 12, 2018 Oclemy Android BottomNavigation, Android Fragment 2 minutes, 37 seconds

What is Bottom Navigation?

Bottom Navigation is a type of navigation within applications implemented by BottomNavigationBars.

These bottom navigation bars make it easy to explore and switch between top-level views just within a single tap.

You just tap a bottom navigation icon and there you go directly to the associated view. If you are already in that view then it just gets refreshed.

Bottom navigation is mainly used on mobile devices as with desktops it's normally preferable to use side navigation.

When to use Bottom Navigation.

  1. Three to Five top-level destinations. If your to-leve navigation has more than six destinations, then you can provide access to destinations not covered in the bottom navigation through alternative locations like NavigationDrawer.
  2. Destinations requiring direct access.

More bottom navigation guidelines can be found at

What is AHBottomNavigation?

AHBottomNavigation is a library to reproduce the behavior or Bottom navigation guidelines.

This library is open source and freely available here in github.

Features of AHBottomNavigation

  1. It does implement the material guidlines defined for bottom navigation.
  2. It allows you to add 3-5 items( with title,color and icon).
  3. Styles are choosable, classic or colored.
  4. You can listen to OnTabSelection events so as to detect tab selection.
  5. Supports icon font color.
  6. You can manage notifications individually for bottom navigation items.
  7. It allows you to enable or disable state.

How is AHBottomNavigation installed?

Well AHBottomNavigation can be installed into a project via Gradle:

You just add the implementation statement in your dependencies inside the app level build.gradle:

implementation 'com.aurelhubert:ahbottomnavigation:2.1.0'

Please make sure to check the latest version here.

Which Layouts do we add?

It depends on the project template you chose in your android studio.

1. Empty Activity

This activity normally has one layout: activity_main.xml. Add this code:


2. Basic Activity

If you chose the layout that has an appbar with a toolbar. It normally has two layoust: activity_main.xml and content_main.xml.

Inside the activity_main.xml add code in the following manner:



        android:layout_gravity="bottom" />


Creating Items

Then inside you fragment or activity you can create navigation items:

AHBottomNavigation bottomNavigation = (AHBottomNavigation) findViewById(;

// Create items
AHBottomNavigationItem item1 = new AHBottomNavigationItem(R.string.tab_1, R.drawable.ic_maps_place, R.color.color_tab_1);
AHBottomNavigationItem item2 = new AHBottomNavigationItem(R.string.tab_2, R.drawable.ic_maps_local_bar, R.color.color_tab_2);
AHBottomNavigationItem item3 = new AHBottomNavigationItem(R.string.tab_3, R.drawable.ic_maps_local_restaurant, R.color.color_tab_3);

// Add items

You can listen to tab selection events:

// Set listeners
bottomNavigation.setOnTabSelectedListener(new AHBottomNavigation.OnTabSelectedListener() {
    public boolean onTabSelected(int position, boolean wasSelected) {
        // Do something cool here...
        return true;

Full Example