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Let's look at some examples.

The idea of dialogs is great because we can pop them out from nowhere. The user can then perform his thing then dismiss the dialog.

In this example we create a dialogfragment that gets displayed when a simple button is clicked from our main activity.

Our dialogfragment will contain a simple ListView and a SearchView. The ListView will contain a List of players.

The searchview can then be used to search the players from the list.

In this simple example here,we shall be seeing how to perform a fragment transaction on dynamic fragments.

By dynamic we mean that our Fragments get created programmatically at runtime as opposed to using XML Layouts.

We shall simply replace our layout with two fragments,each with its own layout and with simple ListViews.Take note our fragments are created dynamically on code,then we replace them and commit the transaction.

Android Fragments Tab Navigation

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This is an android ListFragment tutorial.A ListFragment can show a ListView by default.Our ListView is going to be a custom one containing both images and text.

A DialogFragment is a fragment that displays a dialog window, floating on top of its activity's window.

This fragment contains a Dialog object, which it displays as appropriate based on the fragment's state. Control of the dialog (deciding when to show, hide, dismiss it) should be done through the API here, not with direct calls on the dialog.

We do inherit from this class( then implement the Fragment.onCreateView(LayoutInflater, ViewGroup, Bundle) to supply the content of the dialogfragment.

You can also override onCreateDialog(Bundle) to create an entirely custom dialog, such as an AlertDialog, with its own content.

This example will show a recyclerview in diaogfragment.

When the user clicks a show button we open a dialogfragment, displaying a RecyclerView on it.

When you mention the term transaction the first thing that probably comes to mind is finance. Making financial transactions in your bank or something like that.

The noun transaction_ comes from the verb transact. The verb transact was based on the Latin language term transigere which is dated 1500-1600 and means to drive throgh or to carry to completion or to finish according to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

However that term is not limited to business or financial transaction only.

We can also transact fragments, or do a Fragment Transaction instead of a Business Transaction. And this basically means carrying a set of operations on Fragments.

Android Framework provides us with a set of APIs that allow us to complete these Fragment Transactions.

These APIs are encapuslated in a class called FragmentTransaction. FragmentTransaction was added in API level 1 of android. That class is class. This basically means that it provides generalizations to it's subclasses and is not exactly a concrete class itself.

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