Introduction Ajax has been around for over a decade. During this time it has revolutionized the web. We now take it fro granted how useful it has been and users are now used to respnsive ajax powered web applications. Ajax stands fro Asynchronous Javascript and XML. It comprises three technologies : Javascript, HTML and XML. [...]
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Introduction This is an android draggabletreeview tutorial. This is a custom adapter view that can render items in a tree manner. The nodes in the tree can then be dragged and nested infinitely. It's quite easy to use, once we've added dragtreeview component in our xml layout, we then reference it inside our mainactivity. We [...]
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Introduction RecyclerView is one of those views that you wouldn't believe haven't been in android for a long time. It's so popular and heavily used since it's introduction in API level 22. RecyclerView class resides in android.view.ViewGroup. Android describes it as a flexible view for providing a limited window into a large dataset. Well for [...]
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