Flutter TextField Tutorial and Example.

This is a flutter textfield tutorial. We want to see how to create textfields with both single and multiple lines. This is important as textfields are the most commonly used user input widget. Most information in computers exist in text format hence this makes textfields one of the most important UI component, not just in flutter but all user interface frameworks.

Flutter Navigator Tutorial and Examples.

This is a Navigator tutorial and example. We first discuss the Navigator class then look at various examples, for example how to open a different page or screen when a given button is clicked.

Flutter Searchview and Listview tutorial example.

We see how to search/filter a listview in flutter using a searchview. That so called searchview is actually a custom textfield. We will use a TextEditingController to notify us of text changeson our textfield. Thus this allows us easily search our data.

Flutter NumberPicker Tutorial and example.

In this tutorial we explore how we can pick numbers, both decimals and integers using an awesome library called numberpicker. We have several ways of doing this. First we can use numberpicker just within our page directly. The user can scroll through the numbers and pick. As the user scrolls through, the current scroll value is automatically set to a button.

Then the second way is to use a number picker dialog. We have two types of dialogs: integer number picker dialog and decimal number picker dialog. In the integer picker dialog a user can select whole numbers only. In the decimal picker dialog a user can select decimal numbers.

The ability to pick dates is one of the most important aspects of any user interface framework. And certainly Flutter is a framework for android applications development. Flutter allows us be pick dates with various libraries out there we can use. One such is the flutter_date_picker which we use in this project.

Through it we will be able to pick dates and show in a snackbar.

Flutter HTTP Tutorial and Examples.

How to perform various HTTP Requests in Flutter, and Classes involved in this package.

This is a nested tabs example project.

This is great if you want tabs with probably a header on top of them. Normally tabs are displayed at the bottom of the appBar. What about if you want to include say an image or some card between the tabbar and appbar. This is what we create.

We will in the process understand around 4 classes that are mandatory for creating tabs:

  1. TabController/DefaultTabController.
  2. TabBar
  3. TabView
  4. Tab

Let's start.

ThemeData is a class that holds the color and typography values for a material design theme.

A material design TabBar tab.

Tab derives from the StatelessWidget:

class Tab extends StatelessWidget

Tab also resides in the flutter package.

If both icon and text are provided, the text is displayed below the icon.

More documentation coming soon.

This is a flutter Toast tutorial.

We see how to show:

  1. Short Toast.
  2. Long Toast.
  3. Colored Toast.
  4. Toast in center of screen.
  5. Toast at the Bottom of screen.