ES6 Introduction

April 14, 2018 Oclemy Javascript Introduction 0 minutes, 34 seconds

ECMAScript 6 is the latest official version of Javascript. It can also be referred to as ES6 or ECMAScript 2015.

It was a revision of Javascript that took quite along time but was finally incorporated on June 17 2015.

Browsers are quickly implementing ES6 support. However, it's still possible to use transpilers to compile ES 6 code to environments that don't suppotr ES 6. A transpiler is basically a source to source compiler.

ES6 bring modern syntactical changes to Javascript as well as laguage constructs.

Several important language features previously required third party libraries, but ES6 now supports these.

Code written in ES6 is furthermore cleaner and easier to maintain and developers coming from other languages will get comfortable in them.