Android Firebase Realtime Database Spinner Examples.

Not so long ago people used Eclipse for android development. Eclipse alongside the ADT(Android Developer Tools) used the Ant build system to build our android apps into executable APKs.

Then Google introduced Android Studio alongside a new modular build system that replaced the old Ant scripts that were generated by the older versions of the SDK.

Gradle alongside Android Studio is very powerful and flexible, allowing you to write your gradle scripts in groovy, a dynamic JVM based programming language.

Gradle has similarities to Ivy and Maven. Besides the flexibility of Ant, gradle also comes with the dependency management from Maven.

This is powerful since rather than writing build-scripts in complex XML-files, we can wite our build scripts in a Groovy DSL (Domain-Specific Language). Thus you are able to more clearly specify your build configuration.

When you create a new project in Android Studio, it will also create all the Gradle scripts for your project.

Android Navigation Widgets Types and Tutorial.

Android Database Types and Examples Tutorial.

Android ContentViews Tutorial.

This is a nested tabs example project.

This is great if you want tabs with probably a header on top of them. Normally tabs are displayed at the bottom of the appBar. What about if you want to include say an image or some card between the tabbar and appbar. This is what we create.

We will in the process understand around 4 classes that are mandatory for creating tabs:

  1. TabController/DefaultTabController.
  2. TabBar
  3. TabView
  4. Tab

Let's start.

Fast Android Networking Library Tutorial and Examples.

Fast Android Networking Library is a Complete Android Networking Library that also supports HTTP/2 created by Amit Shekhar, a popular open source contributor.

It provides us with powerful networking capabilities yet in an elegant manner. It's a mature library and is currently one of the most popular networking library.

Fast Android Networking Library allows us perform any type of networking in Android applications.

It's a library built on top of OkHttp Networking Layer.

Fast Android Networking Library does alot of work for you in the background, such that you only make your request and listen for the response.

Android Retrofit : JSON - Fill ListView with Images and Text.

In this tutorial we want to see how to download json data from online and using retrofit bind that data to a custom listview with images and text.

The json data represents a list of spacecrafts. We will use the GSON library to map that every jsonobject in our jsonarray into a Spacecraft.

Our custom listview will comprise image, checkbox and text. Every cardview will represent a single spacecraft.

So at the end of day we look into these:

  1. Retrofit - Our HTTP Client.
  2. JSON - Our data format.We download them from online.
  3. GSON - a JSON binding library.
  4. ListView - Will render our data.
  5. Picasso - Will load our images from the web.

Let's start.

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development.

Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.

In flutter MaterialApp is a class that represents an application that uses material design.

It is a concrete class and derives from the StatefulWidget and resides in the flutter package.

class MaterialApp extends StatefulWidget

MaterialApp makes our job easier by wrapping several widgets that are commonly required for material design applications. It builds upon a WidgetsApp by adding material-design specific functionality, such as AnimatedTheme and GridPaper.