Android Handler Tutorial and Examples.

A Handler is a threading class defined in the android.os package through which we can send and process Message and Runnable objects associated with a thread's MessageQueue.

This is a project that adds anchor state to the android BottomSheetBehavior.

AnchorBottomSheetBehavior extends the Android's behavior BottomSheetBehavior by adding the following:

  1. STATE_ANCHOR: push the bottom sheet to an anchor state defined by Anchor offset
  2. STATE_FORCE_HIDE: force the bottom sheet to hide regardless of hideable flag

Android MaterialSpinner Library and Example.

We will use a library created by @Ganfra called MaterialSpinner.

This is differnt from Jared Rumler's MaterialSpinner.

MaterialSpinner(Ganfra's) will provides us a Spinner with the Material style. You can use it like any regular Spinner.

It allows you to:

  1. Add floating label text
  2. Add hint and
  3. Add error messages.

Java Jackson Tutorial and Examples.

Jackson is a JSON API for java comprising:

  1. Jackson Core(Streaming API) - defines low-level streaming API, and includes JSON-specific implementations
  2. Jackson Annotations - contains standard Jackson annotations.
  3. Jackson Databind - implements data-binding (and object serialization) support on streaming package; it depends both on streaming and annotations packages.

Moshi Tutorial and Examples.

Moshi is a modern JSON library for Android and Java.

In this class we will look at yet another BottomSheetBehavior implementation.

Android CalendarView Tutorial and Examples.

CalendarView is an android widget used for displaying and selecting dates.

Android DatePicker Tutorials and Examples.

A DatePicker is a widget that allows us select a date.

Android BottomSheetBehavior Examples and Tutorials.

A BottomSheetBehavior is an interaction behavior plugin for a child view of CoordinatorLayout to make it work as a bottom sheet.

Android TimePicker Tutorial and Examples.

A TimePicker is a widget for selecting the time of day, in either 24-hour or AM/PM mode.