A BroadcastReceiver is an android component responsible for listening to system-wide broadcast events or intents.

In Android, most system events are broadcast through Intent objects. To do this these Intent objects get sent to the BroadcastReceivers using the Context.sendBroadcast() methods.

When such an event is broadcasted the BroadcastReceiver will receive the event and react by either creating a status bar notification or performing a given task.

A BroadcastReceiver is an android component like Activity and Service hence most of the times it needs to be registered in the android manifest file.

However unlike the Activity, BroadcastReceivers don't have any user interface.

BroadcastReceiver as a class is abstract, hence normally has a method called onReceive() that we do override to do the task we want to happen when the task is received.

Most of the standard system events are defined as action strings and can be found in the API documentation for the Intent class.

Suppose for example, if your app needs to be notified whenever the user connects or disconnects the charger to the device, two broadcast actions defined in the Intent class do that:


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