Android CardView Pagination

Android CardView Pagination


CardView Pagination with Next/Previous buttons

Android CardView Pagination.

What we do :

  • Create Card s at runtime.
  • These are Children of android.view.CardView baseclass.
  • Page them using the next.previous type of pagination.
  • We have next/previous buttons.
  • we skip through the cards depending on what you have clicked.
  • We also diable the buttons appropriately.
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Step 1 : Define a Card.

  • First we create our card class by deriving from CardView.

Step 2 : Generate List of Cards.

  • We create a list to contain our cards and fill that list with cards.
 ArrayList<Card> cards=new ArrayList<>();
  for(int i=0;i<5;i++)

Step 3 : Switch through Cards.

  • We shall then add and remove cards depending on the button click.

Please download the whole source above. We have plenty of easy to understand examples in our site so make sure you visit it.



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