Android Cloudinary – RoundCorner ImageViews

Android Cloudinary – RoundCorner ImageViews

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  • Android Cloduniary tutorial.
  • Load image from online.
  • Transform it to have round corners,also resize it in the cloud.
  • We use Cloudinary SDKs.


Introduction to Cloudinary.How to create account,resize images and apply rounded corners.

Android Cloudinary Round Image

What we do:

  • Dowload image from our free cloudinary account online.
  • Load the image into an ImageView into our android app.
  • Resize the image automatically to our liking.
  • Apply round corners to the image,at whatever degree we like.

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      Step 1 : Setup Cloudinary account free.

  • Everything is already explained on our video tutorial so its not fun repeating.
  • We need to do that and download cloudinary sdk

    compile 'com.cloudinary:cloudinary-core:1.4.1'
    compile 'com.cloudinary:cloudinary-android:1.4.1'
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Step 2 : Create Configuration class

public class MyConfiguration {
    public static HashMap getMyConfigs()
        HashMap config=new HashMap();
        return config;

Step 3 : Perform manipulations

  • e.g To get round corners.

    public static String getRoundedCorners()
        Cloudinary cloud=new Cloudinary(MyConfiguration.getMyConfigs());
        Transformation t=new Transformation();
        return cloud.url().transformation(t).generate("red_s9jrzj.jpg");

Everything is in the code of course. For more eaasy to understand check



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