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Models abstraction for Android.

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DroidModel is an android library which provides model abstraction for SQLite database. Trivial database tasks like creating tables, inserting or retriving are part of this library.


  • Create a package called models in the repository
  • Create a class called ModelManager extending DroidModelManager
import android.content.Context;

import com.creativemindz.droidmodel.DroidModelManger;

public class ModelManager extends DroidModelManger {
    public static void init(Context context){
        databaseName = "SampleDatabaseName";
        databaseVersion = 1;
        // TODO: Set sync strategy

        // Initialize models to create all required tables
        User u = new User();

You can provide database names and version here Note: Automatic database version increment is not supported yet.

  • Create models as required extending DroidModel
import com.creativemindz.droidmodels.DroidModel;

public class User extends DroidModel {

    @DroidModel.Key(type = "PrimaryKey")
    public String email;

    @DroidModel.Key(type = "String")
    public String name;

    public User(){


Note: With DroidModel, you don't have to write SQL queries for each table ( Model in this case )

Supported Operations

Create table

User u = new User();

Note: If already created, this won't create table again

Add entries

User u = new User();
u.email = "[email protected]";
u.name = "Praveen Penumaka";

Retrieve one entry

User u = new User();
u.email = "[email protected]";
System.out.println(u.name); // prints - Praveen Penumaka

Update one entry

User u = new User();
u.email = "[email protected]";
u.name = "Penumaka Praveen";

Retrieve all

ArrayList<User> users = User.findAll(User.class);


  • Sync operation with remote URL
  • Add threads and callbacks for handling huge operations
  • SUpport more data structures like Arraylist, HashMap


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