Android MySQL Images RecyclerView

Android MySQL Images RecyclerView


Retrieve images and text from MySQL Database and show in RecyclerView.

  • The Table Structure ![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/table structure.PNG "Android RecyclerViewMySQL")

  • Android MySQL Images and RecyclerView Example
  • Retrieve data from MySQL database and bind to a custom RecyclerView.
  • The data shall consist of names as well as image urls.
  • We then asynchronously load images via Picasso library.
  • While loading images we show a placeholder or if network is down.
  • We use AsyncTask class for our threading needs.

  • We load images from a website. ![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/Image Source website.PNG "Android RecyclerViewMySQL")

  • We bind data to RecyclerView. ![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/MySQL Images Recycler.PNG "Android RecyclerViewMySQL")


  • kai says:

    how can i search though edittext its hard with the Spacecraft class help…

  • karthick says:

    i am getting error in ” No adapter attached; skipping layout” and un used import com.tutorials.hp.mysqlimagesrecycler.m_UI.CustomAdapter; can u help me?

  • karthick says:

    From above Example i am getting “E/RecyclerView: No adapter attached; skipping layout” and unused import “import com.tutorials.hp.mysqlimagesrecycler.m_UI.CustomAdapter;” in Main Activity . Can you help me?

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