Android MySQL Master Detail RecyclerView

Android MySQL Master Detail RecyclerView

  • Programming GalaxyAndroid MySQL Master detail tutorial.
  • The component we use is RecyclerView.
  • We shall have two activities,the Master Activity and the Detail Activity.
  • The Master Activity contains a RecyclerView with data from MySQL database.
  • The Detail Activity contains the details of each particular data object.
  • Each RecyclerView ViewItem shall contain a data object,its details we show in the Detail Activity when clicked.
  • We use HttpURLConnection for networking with AsyncTask for threading.


RecyclerView Master Detail With MySQL database data

This is a simple android MySQL Master Detail tutorial.

![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/Project Structure.PNG "Android RecyclerView Master Detail Images and Text")

  • We have two activities : MainActivity,the master activity as well as DetailActivity.
  • The master activity shall contain a RecyclerView with images and text in cardviews.
  • When a viewitem is cliced we open detail activity and pass data.

  • Our images we fetch from a local site.
  • You have to create a database and table and fill it with data.You can use tools like PHPMyAdmin. ![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/table structure.PNG "Android RecyclerView Master Detail Images and Text Table Structure")

The Master Page :

  • Contains a RecyclerView with our List of data.
  • Each ViewItem is CardView with textview and imageview. ![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/MySQL RecyclerView MasterPage.PNG "Android RecyclerView Master Detail Images and Text")

The Detail Page :

  • The detail page.
  • Displays each data objects properties in a new activity.
  • The data is passed from the Master Activity via intents. ![RecyclerView MySQL](demos/MySQL RecyclerView DetailPage.PNG "Android RecyclerView Master Detail Images and Text")

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