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Android MySQL : Save Multiple Columns From EditText

Android PHP MySQL MultiColumn Save tutorial source code reference.  

What We Do:

  1. Connect to MySQL database from android application.
  2. We use HttpURLConnection as our Networking class.
  3. We make a HTTP POST Request.
  4. We use PHP as our server side language.
  5. And MySQL as our database.We are using Wamp Server as our database administration tool.
  6. We post data to server via HttpURLConnection and receive a connection response from PHP
  7. Because this is a networking call,we do it in the background thread using AsyncTask.
  8. Meanwhile we are showing the progress dialog.
  9. When our call is over we dismiss the progress dialog.

Main Classes :

  • MainActivity deriving from support library's AppCompatActivity class.
  • Connector class using to connect to network.
  • SenderReceiver classe inheriting from AsyncTask.We make our POST request here in the background thread.
  • We receive a response whether it was success or not.
  • If success we clear our edittexts.
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What we do In the Video Tutorial :

  1. Show Demo of what we are going to build.
  2. Create MySQL database in Wamp Server.
  3. Write PHP scripts to connect talk to android over HTTP protocol.
  4. Write our code in android studio.
  5. Run the project and see the result.
  6. Have some coffee if to celebrate.


  • Platform : Android
  • Language : Java and XML
  • Tools : Android Studio


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