Advantages of Typescript

TypeScript is a typed superset of Javascript.

TypeScript is gaining popularity. This is because it adds alot of goodies which alot of programmers hadn't ever tasted with Javascript even though they were used to with other languages.

TypeScript adds classical Object Orientation features to Javascript and provides static type chceking to a dynamic language like Javascript.

This not only makes TypeScript a better way to program in Javascript, but also a better way to learn both Javascript and the art of programming as a whole.

It's always easier to learn a language that is well structured and provides features compatible with other popular langauges. This allows people to switch from language to another with minimal fuss.

Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft decided to create it:

  1. Typescript provides a structuring mechanism for code, especially large pieces of code. It does this by adding class based object orientation, interfaces and modules. These inline Typescript with the best industry practices hence allowing for building of large yet maintenable projects.

  2. Typescript adds static type checking at compilation time. This allows us identify various programming constructs that are likely able to lead to errors and correct them. This leads to creation of more reliable code. It also makes the programming as well as learning more intuitive through IDE intellisense support.

  3. Typescript doesn't impose runtime overheads on created programs. In fact, Typescript compiles to Javascript, so the browser will be running Javascript and not TypeScript. So there is no effect on performance imposed on your code by TypeScript.

  4. TypeScript is compatible with existing Javascript code. As a superset, a valid Javascript program is basically a valid TypeScript program. So you can use TypeScript with your existing Javascript code.

  5. TypeScript is built for both now and the future. Depending on the features to be used, TypeScript can compile to Javascript as old as ECMAScript 3 specification and as high as ECMAScript 6 and even potentially beyond. This because it's been designed following ECMAScript proposals and guidelines. Many valid TypeScript features may eventually become Javascript, hence with TypeScript we get a glimpse of the future of Javascript.

  6. TypeScript is free and open source. You don't have to any one to use TypeScript and it's source can be viewed and is available under the Apache license.

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