Android Firebase 

Firebase as a Backend As A Service

Firebase is a platform containing various Backend As a Service features. For example there is Firebase Realtime Database which is a database backend as a service. This means it provides realtime database features as a service, both paid and premium.

However more generally Firebase can be classified as a Mobile Backend As A service (MBaaS), or “backend as a service” (BaaS). This means it not provides mobile and web developers several services to include into their applications. This leads them to create much more powerful apps.

Generall BAAS platforms provide cloud storage capabilities as well as APIs that expose various functions, not just CRUD. For example here are some of the features generally provided by these platforms:

  1. User Management and Authentication.
  2. Push Notifications.
  3. Analytics.
  4. Social Services integration.
  5. Custom development using APIs and SDK.
  6. Realtime databases.