Android platform provides a powerful and flexible way of adding static content as a resource.

These static content will also be packaged into the APK file. The static content will be stored either as a resource or as an asset.

Resources belong to a given type. These types can be:

  1. Drawable.
  2. Layout.
  3. Value.


On the hand assets are stored as generic files inside your application. For instance you can have some html, json, xml etc stored in the assets folder.

Resources feature allows you to provide multiple versions of each resource depending on screen size, localization
parameters, device capabilities, etc.

You can provide support for multiple languages by having several versions of the text strings in different files and to support various screen sizes you can use different layouts and icons of varying sizes.

1. How to get Resources
public static Resources getResources(Context context) {
        return context.getResources();