How to page/paginate a custom ListView with Images and Text.

In this example we will have a custom listview with images and text and we will paginate them using a next/previous type of pagination.

When the user clicks the next button we navigate over to the next page and when he clicks the previous button we navigate over to the previous page.


Kotlin Android Simple ListView Sort Ascending and Descending Example

How to sort a simple listview in ascending and descending manner in Kotlin Android.

Let's see how to sort data in a ListView in both ascending and descendig manner.

You click a button to sort in ascending, then click it again to toggle the sort into descending manner and vice versa.


Android Filter ListView using Spinner Example

In this class we will see how to filter a ListView component in android using a spinner.

A spinner is a widget that allows us render items in a dropdown. This type of app is useful if you want to filter items using a give category.


Android ListView CRUD example

Hello.We see how to perform basic CRUD operations against an arraylist and a ListView.

  • Add Update and Delete against an ArrayList and a ListView.
  • We work with ArrayAdapter.
  • handle ItemClicks and input data from a dialog.

This is a simple ListView tutorial.Here is what we do:

  • Fill ListView with data from a simple ArrayList.
  • We use ArrayAdapter.
  • Handle ItemClicks.

*This is a simple ListView tutorial.Here is what we do:


Hello guys.Today we discuss about Android Custom ListView Master Detail interface.

Our ListView shall have images and text.


This is an android tutorial to explore how to handle longclick events in a custom listview with images and text.

Let's go.


This is android listview customization tutorial.We see how to customize a listview to have grouped headers and footer and display our images and text.


This is a custom ListView with Images and Text.In fact we shall  be using CardViews with Images and Text as our View Items for our ListView.We shall define the cardview as our rootView in our Model.xml Layout.

Its this model layout that shall be inflated in our Custom adapter to a single view item.

We then see how to handle ItemClicks for our custom listview.

We are using BaseAdapter with arraylist spacecrafts objects that has name,propellant and image.