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Android API Examples and Tutorials.

Top Android API Examples

Let's look at some examples.

This is an Android tutorial to show how to programmatically publish a photo to your Facebook timeline.

In this tutorial we make use of a small beautiful library called simple-fb.

Our Android Project Summary

Here's our project summary:

No. File Major Responsibility
1. build.gradle We add our simple-fb dependency here.
2. To contain our Facebook API authentication details.
3. To log us in to our Facebook account.
4. To publish our photo an album in our account.
5. Provide UI that allows us to achieve the above
6. activity_main.xml To define our MainActivity layout
7. content_main.xml Allow us add our widgets to our MainActivity
8. AndroidManifest.xml We need to add internet permission here.

This is an android tutorial to login to your Facebook account and show a Toast message when succesfully logged in.

Obviously you can then later enhance it and do something interesting.

We use simple-fb library as a wrapper around Facebook SDK APIs.

Best Regards, Oclemy.

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