Android CalenderView

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Android CalendarView Tutorial and Examples.

CalendarView is an android widget used for displaying and selecting dates.

A user basically selects a date by tapping on the calenderview, then scrolling to the desired date, either now, in the past in the future.

However as for appearance, CalendarView may appear differently depending on the OS versions and themes used.

Like DatePicker is also constructed from a FrameLayout.

CalendarView API Definition

CalendarView was added to android plaform in API Level 11.

It's a class residing in the android.widget package and deriving from FrameLayout.

public class CalendarView extends FrameLayout 

Here's it's inheritance hierarchy:

   ↳    android.view.View
       ↳    android.view.ViewGroup
           ↳    android.widget.FrameLayout
               ↳    android.widget.CalendarView

Quick CalenderView Examples

Coming soon.

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