Fast Networking Library - Top MySQL Examples.

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Android Fast Networking Library MySQL Database Examples.

MySQL is our database while PHP is the server side language we use. The client code is for android is written in this case in either Java or Kotlin.

Top Android MySQL Fast Networking Library Examples

Let's look at some examples.

This is an android mysql gridview with checkboxes tutorial. We see how to insert, select and show in a gridview.

This is the part 2 of android php mysql series. How to insert, select and retrieve both boolean and text values to and from mysql database.

This is the part 4 of our Android PHP MySQL series with ListView. In this class we see the XML layouts.

Here we look at our xml layout specifictaions.We have two layouts : activitymain.xml and contentmain.xml.These are generated automatically by android studio if you choose the basic activity template.We shall only modify the contentmain.xml.  

This is the part 4 of our Android PHP MySQL with ListView. How to insert data to MySQL and retrieve them.

In this episode we look at the PHP code.

This is an Android MySQ ListView with CheckBoxes tutorial. We want to see how to work with boolean text values. We save them into mysql and also retrieve them.

This is an android mysql recyclerview with checkboxes tutorial. We see how to work with both text and boolean values with our mysql database.

Android MySQL Tutorial with Spinner. How to Insert, Select then Show data From MySQL into Spinner widget.

Android PHP MySQL tutorial. How to Insert to MySQL From Editext, CheckBox and Spinner, then Select and show in ListView.

In this tutorial we want to see how to first upload images and text to MySQL database, the retrieve them and show them in a GridView. This is an android tutorial and our programming language is Java. The user will type name, description and choose an image from explorer using a Choose Dialog at runtime.

Android PHP MySQL Upload Images and Text to MySQL then Retrieve and Show in a custom ListView Detailed Tutorial.

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