Android HttpURLConection + MySQL Examples.

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Android PHP MySQL HttpURLConnection Examples.

MySQL is our database while PHP is the server side language we use. The client code is for android is written in this case in either Java or Kotlin.

What is MySQL ?

MySQL is an open source, multithreaded, relational database management system created by Michael "Monty" Widenius in 1995.

Read more about mysql here.

What is HttpURLConnection?

HttpUrlconnection is a UrlConnection for HTTP used to send as well receive data over the web.

Read more about HttpUrlConnection here.

Top Android MySQL HttpURLConnection Examples

Let's look at some examples.

Android PHP MySQL GridView Examples and Tutorials.

In this part we will look at working with MySQL databases together with GridView as our adapterview. It involves fetching data from mysql and rendering in a GridView.

Android PHP MySQL ListView Examples and Tutorials.

We want to learn how to work with MySQL database and ListView in android using HttpUrlConnection once and for all. Hence we will explore several complete examples.

Android PHP MySQL RecyclerView Examples and Tutorials.

In this piece we will be looking at android mysql with recyclerview as our components. Retrieving data from mysql database to populate a recyclerview.

Android PHP MySQL Spinner Examples and Tutorials.

How to work with mysql database and spinner widget in android. We select data from mysql database and show in spinner.

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