Android Linux Kernel

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Android is built on top of Linux kernel.

This and a complex and optimized Virtual Machine for Java applications gives android its super power.

The Linux kernel has proven since the 20th century that it's powerful, reliable, agile and portable. This kernel gives android the advantage of being capable of interacting with numerous hardware options both now and in the future.

Here are some the advantages of the Linux Kernel:

No. Advantage Description
1. Reliability This is the one of required feature for mobile phones and certainly for computing devices.Reliability always has a higher precedence than even performance. Especially for mobile devices where voice communication is the primary role of a device. Sure smartphones can incorporate cool apps but still communication remains the number one use of mobile devices. And certainly any means of communication demands reliability.
2. Performance Having existed since the 20th century, Linux kernel is one of the most performant kernels. It wouldn't have had it's great reputation if it wasn't. Having been designed at a time where computational resouces had to be used miserly helped, as well as the genious of it's creator Linux Torvalds as well as other contributors. Performance means alot for mobile devices which have traditionally had less computational power. Though that is fast changing.
3. Portability Linux and so it's kernel, were designed for portability from the onset. The ability to run on computers with different CPU architectures. The server CPU architecture is very different from the desktop architecture. Likewise the mobile architecture and the embedded devices too. All these are capable and do run variations of the Linux kernel. This proves it's portability.
.4. Agility Linux kernel provides a hardware abstraction layer as the foundation for the android software stack.This ensures that the upper levels of the android software stack remain unpertubed by changes in the hardware platform. A very vital feature in that mobile devices come with variations in terms of capabilities, sizes and design. All these variations can be factored in without having to every now manually toggle the hardware.

The Linux kernel provides a full featured platform for android. This then guarantees that android devices will go hand in hand with desktops in terms of capabilities, that is if they haven't yet.

The fact that Linux kernel is open source has the following advantages:

No. Advantage
1. It allows for the provision of a foundation onto which talented individual programmers and companies can incorporate cutting edge features in a collective manner. This is vital in that the smartphone industry has and will continue experiencing tremendous growth.
2. Improvements and bug fixes are also relatively easily identifiable.
3. Newbies,intermediates and the curious can learn how things work under the hood.
4. Being both open source and free brings the net costs of android devices and computing as a whole lower. With this more and more people even from third world countries can access and utilize the power of technology in their day to day activities.

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