6 Android SQLite ListView Examples

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Android SQLite ListView Tutorials and Examples.

Top Android SQLite ListView Examples

Let's look at some examples.

Android Swipe Tabbed SQLite - Fragments With ListView Tutorial.

  • First we insert data into SQLite database from a material dialog.
  • Then we select according to a given category.
  • The category depends on the tab.
  • Each fragment consist of a ListView.
  • Each ListView has data from a given category.
  • The fragments are swipeable and the tabs are clickeable as well.

Android SQLite Full - ListView - INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE, DELETE with ContextMenu Tutorial.

Basically we see how to perform all CRUD(Create Read Update Delete) Operations against a SQLite database. We use ListView as our adapterview. We provide options via ContextMenu.

Android SQLite Database - ListView - Filter/Search and CRUD Tutorial.

How to Perform Search and Filter againts SQLite Database. The data is rendered on a ListView. But first we have to insert data to SQLite so we perform basic CRUD to populate the sqlite database. We use SearchView to searc/filter.

Android SQLite Database - ListView Web Images - Save Text,Image URLs,Load.

Working with SQLite and images from the web.

Android SQLite Pagination - ListView - Next/Previous ServerSide tutorials.

In this class we see how to perform Next/Previous type of pagination with SQLite data with ListView as our adapterview.The user can add data dynamically with an input dialog and the padination will still work.If you are in the first page,the previous button is disabled while if you are in the last page the next button is enabled.

Android SQLite CRUD - ListView - Serverside Search/Filter

Many a times you need to filter or search data. That data may be contained in an SQLite database.

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