Android SQLite RushORM

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Android SQLite RushORM Tutorials and Examples.

In this piece we want to discuss RushORM, an Object-relational mapper for Android and then see several practiacl examples of how to use it with adapterviews like recyclerview.

What is RushORM?

RushORM is an SQLite Object Relational Mapper for android. It was created by Stuart Campbell and is a well supported stable library. RushORM has an official site here.

As an ORM, RushORM abstracts away all interactions with SQLite database and allow us avoid writing SQL statements. Instead it provides a simple interface that allows us easily and safely perform CRUD operations. ORMs are popular these days majorly because of those two reasons we've mentioned.

Advantages of RushORM

RushORM has the following advantages:

  1. It's a well supported supported library that has existed for more than 4 years. This makes it worthy and safe to use.
  2. It's easy to use especially compared to writing SQL statements. RushORM prevents us from having to worry about unsafe SQL statements and instead allows us to use Java/Kotlin to perform our CRUD operations. Moreover we get intellisense support.
  3. It is a well documented library. One of the major selling points to look in a library has to be documentation and RushORM has a great one. It even includes an official website.
RushORM Installation

You can install RushORM via the following gradle statement:

dependencies {
   compile '’
Top Android SQLite RushORM Examples

Let's look at some examples.

Android Material List Master Detail SQlite tutorial right here. How to ADD UPDATE DELETE RETRIEVE data to and from SQLite database.


In the previous tutorials, we've been looking at using material list to construct nice cards easily. We had previously seen how to bind a simple array with images and text to our material list. We then saw how to construct master detail example with master view showing our material list and the detail view for performing our CRUD operations.

So in this example we'll see how to use a database. We insert data to sqlite database from our crud activity.When the onResume of the master activity is called we refresh data. We also see how to edit existing data by opeing crud activity and also how to delete data.

We will buiding our input forms programmatically using Form-Master library, alibrary that enables you build bigger forms with headers easily programmatically. We'll furthermore use masterial list to display nice cardviews and rushorm to manipulate our database easily.

Android SQLite RushORM tutorial - INSERT SELECT UPDATE DELETE data tutorial.

This is an SQLite CRUD tutorial using RushORM as our Object Relational Mapper. We see how to insert select update and delete data using RushORM. Our adapterview is ListView.

Links and References

Here are some links you might find important

  1. Official RushORM Website.
  2. Official RushORM Github Repository

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