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Booleans in Go

Go Boolean Values Tutorial.

Install Go, VSCode and Write Hello World

Go Programming Language installation and hello world with Visual Studio code.

Quotza: A Colored Quotes App – Java + MVVM + Retrofit + MySQL CRUD + Search + Pagination

Quotza is a Quotes app designed for you to use as a template. It is designed for programmers who prefer Java over Kotlin. It uses modern technologies and is ...

10 minute Meditation for Programmers – Unleash the Artistic Child within

Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life. Thus this is a guided meditation to help you unleash the artistic child within you and boost your ...

Overview of Parallel Computing – Short Programming Documentary

Parallel Processing refers to the process of simultaneous execution of tasks using various computing resources. In Parallel Computing, efficiency is key, the ...

How Imaging in Bio-medical Industry Works – Short Programming Documentary

In the recent years, researchers have made a huge step forward in the biomedical imaging arena through development of solid-state image receptors like photo ...

Image Processing in the Modern World – Short Programming Documentary

These days, image processing isn't just a fringe field in computer science. It is already playing an important role in the real world in several fields. For ...

Guided Meditation for Programmers – Turn Off Negative Mental Images

With the pressures of modern life and especially during these difficult times of CoronaVirus, we have to help each other by sharing resources and techniques ...

The re-usability World of Generics in C#- Short Programming Documentary

Generics express reusability through a template that contains place-holder types. Generics have the advantage of increasing type safety and reducing casting ...

Rust Programming Language : Short Programming Documentary

This is a short educational programming documentary about Rust Programming Language. Check it out. Am creating these videos regularly. So make sure to ...

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Saying to Allo and Duo: new apps for smart messaging and video calling

Whether it’s welcoming a new baby, celebrating the winning shot in overtime, or discovering the best taco stand ever—we all want to share these moments with ...

I/O: Building the next evolution of Google

This morning in our Mountain View, CA backyard, we kicked off Google I/O, our annual developer conference. Much has changed since our first developer event 10 ...

10 things you may have missed at Google I/O

Last week thousands of developers joined us at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, at Google I/O, our annual developer conference, for three days of ...

Google Photos: One year, 200 million users, and a whole lot of selfies

A year ago, we introduced Google Photos with one mission: To be a home for all your photos and videos, organized and brought to life, so that you can share and ...

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Breeze Music Player – Kotlin MVVM and MediaPlayer
6 months ago

Breeze Music Player – Kotlin MVVM and MediaPlayer

Deployment: Offline
Breeze MediaPlayer is yet another Music player. It's built from the same template as WakaWaka Music Player and is in fact published in Google Play Store where it has accumulated a few downloads and has active users. From this app you will learn:
  1. Kotlin Programming Language
  2. Model View ViewModel
  3. MediaPlayer API.
  4. RecyclerView.
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Bloggy : Blog Template – Kotlin MVVM Retrofit PHP MySQL with Header Authentication
This is a full blogging template with authentication. You can use this template to create a full android blog app that you can then publish to play store. You can be the only one who has access to important pages like editor page and dashboard page since we are implementing authentication using email and password at the server level. Read description below for it's features.
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Open Blog App : Kotlin, MVVM Retrofit MySQL Multipart – Blog Template
We have created a perfect template to use if you plan to launch a blogging app. A blog involves performing CRUD operations so this app will help you in mastering those operations. It is a clean and well designed app that stores posts both online and offline. Here are the features:
  1. Kotlin programming language.
  2. PHP MySQL.
  3. Retrofit
  4. Full blogging template - Create Posts, Update them, Delete them, List them
  5. Multipart requests - Upload Images alongside texts via a single HTTP request.
  6. Capture images from camera or pick from device.
  7. Full blown realtime search/filter
  8. Server side pagination - Scroll to load more pagination
  9. Filter posts based on status e.g: published, private and draft.
  10. Store posts both offline and online. We implement a caching of posts meaning users can browse already fetched posts offline. Users can clear cache. If you make an update, the cache is auto-cleared and fresh data is auto-uploaded.
  11. Many pages: Splash page, Dashboard page, AboutUs Page, Listings Page, Details page, Editor Page.
  12. CarouselView/ Image slider at the top of posts list.
  13. Bottom Navigation bar to classify content based on status.
  14. Model View ViewModel design(MVVM).
  15. Super-clean readable code. Variables and Methods are well named and code is easy to read and understand.
  16. Support anytime.
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Waka Waka Music Player – Kotlin + MediaPlayer + MVVM
8 months ago

Waka Waka Music Player – Kotlin + MediaPlayer + MVVM

This project is well documented and teaches you the following:
  1. Kotlin Programming Language.
  2. Making Music Player from scratch using MediaPlayer API and RecyclerView.
  3. Model View ViewModel.
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Tabu : Notes App RxJava3,Clean Architecture,MVVM,Room
1 year ago

Tabu : Notes App RxJava3,Clean Architecture,MVVM,Room

Note taking is a vital part when it comes to productivity. Obviously because of that there are many apps in play stores that help with this task but most of them are neither reliable nor clean and simple. We published an app known as Tabu. The app is following several recommended design patterns and using the latest technologies. We are sharing the source code here. We've modified the code to make it easy to understand and learn. This app will teach you the following:
  1. RxJava3/RxJava2
  2. Clean Architecture.
  3. Model View ViewModel(MVVM).
  4. Room CRUD.
  5. Java Programming Language.
  6. AndroidX.
  7. Single Page design.
  8. Full App creation.
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Quotza App – Java +MVVM +PHP MySQL+ Retrofit
1 year ago

Quotza App – Java +MVVM +PHP MySQL+ Retrofit

$1.99 -80%
Quotza is a colored quotes application for you to use as a template when creating any app involving texts. It teaches you the following:
  1. Java Programming Language
  2. MVVM - Model View ViewModel
  3. AndroidX
  4. Retrofit
  6. Server side search
  7. Load more pagination
  8. Swipe to Refresh
  9. Full App development
Here are the widgets used:
  1. Activities as Pages.
  2. DialogFragment for searching quotes.
  3. Collapsing toolbar layout in both the dashboard and detail page.
  4. Material EditTexts to enter quotes.
  5. RecyclerView - To render quotes.
  6. SearchView for realtime search filter.
  7. Toolbar Menus for navigation.
  8. Transition animations across activities.
  9. CardView, textviews, progressbars etc.
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Fairy Tales App : RxJava2 Retrofit2 MySQL Room Clean Architecture MVVM
This a tale publishing app designed to teach the following technologies:
  1. Full App Development using Java Programming Language
  2. RxJava2 reactive programming
  3. Retrofit2
  4. Room
  5. Clean Architecture
  6. Model View ViewModel
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Al Jazeera-like Corona Live Updates App – Kotlin + Firebase + MVVM
This is an app similar to Al Jazeera Live CoronaVirus Updates website. That site has features that has inspired the creation of this app. View the description to see these features.
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Termima : A Terms and Definitions App – RxJava2 + Room +Clean Architecture
Termima is the name of the app we are creating. It's a beautiful single page app designed to teach the following concepts:
1. RxJava2 Usage with Room
2. Room CRUD with classic pagination and search.
3. Clean Architecture
4. Model View ViewModel(MVVM)
5. Single-Page full app design.
The app will all users to keep a record of terms and definitions. We writers and sharers of information, especially non-native speakers have to keep widening our vocabularies repository. I created this app to help in doing that and am sharing it for you to create your offline apps based on it. Basically you can use it as a template to create your applications based on RxJava2 and Rooom.
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Villa Medici – A Famous Paintings App – Kotlin + Fast Networking Library+ PHP MySQL + Authentication
Let's  look at a template you can use in creating any type of project that requires Kotlin PHP MySQL CRUD multipart as well as authentication, with advanced features like Disk caching, Pagination and Data Binding. You can use it in any project but for us we use the concept of a Famous Paintings app. An app that admins can post paintings, update them and delete them for other people to view. It's a full android app covering major concepts. You can use it to learn full app android development as well.

What You will Learn

As a template and learning project, this app has been designed to mainly teach you the following concepts:
  1. Full App Android Development using Kotlin, PHP and MySQL.
  2. How to use Fast Networking Library to interact with RESTFul services.
  3. How to perform CRUD operations involving both images and text agains PHP MySQL server. Learn how to efficiently upload images alongside text, while showing upload progress. Also how to update, delete and download.
  4. How to write a full android app using Model View ViewModel and see it's benefits with regards to seperation of concerns.
  5. How to create a highly fast and bandwith friendly android app making use of permanent Disk caching and that avoids unnecessary calls to the server. We rarely make calls to the server. We paginate our data. When we make a call, we send only single requests that do only a single thing in the server, ensuring fast response times from the server.
  6. How to make an app that is scalable and that can be hosted even in the cheapest of webhosts yet easily server hundreds of thousands of users. We do this by ensuring that the app is offline-first, downlaods data in chunks and doesn't make a request to the server unless a user performs an action that requires we connect. This is mostly leaves our server untouched for other users to use. The data including the details of lists are cached permanently on disk, and gets auto-refreshed if we make a change or hit the refersh button.
  7. Learn to make an android mysql app that has authentication. Where admins can login into the app and do stuff and even view their account details. Other users on the other hand can only view data but not make an edit.
  8. Learn how to make an android app that has several pages like Splash screen, Dashboard page, Upload page, listings page, details page, login page as well as Accounts Page. Yet we abstract away the similarities in Base Activities, and take advantage of inheritance to pass over those properties to the child activities.
  9. Learn to create an app with several material widgets like material edittexts, material dialogs, material datepicker, collapsing toolbar layouts etc.
  10. Learn to create an animated app, with beautiful transition animations between pages. The pages slide beautifully in and out of view.
  11. Learn how to create an app that can interact with both secure https and non-secure http content (ClearText traffic).
  12. And many more.

Major Technologies

Here are technologies you will learn from the project:
  1. Kotlin Programing Language.
  2. Object Oriented PHP 7.2
  3. MySQL
  4. RedbeanPHP ORM
  5. Model View ViewModel
  6. Data Binding
  7. Fast Networking Library
  8. Gson
Read technical details about this project HERE.
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  1. Please download the source code, I have fixed the link.

  2. Hi F V, am sorry for the late response. There is no need to manually create a database. The PHP code will auto-create a database for you if you attempt to insert data. Just update the database credentials like username and password. Then the php code will create a table for you based on the data types of the incoming data.

  3. Hi Mathew, sorry for late response. I really haven’t used MVC in android but I would guess that it probably doesn’t fit android platform that well. I would claim that it is inferior since ViewModel provides us with an easier way to handle android lifecycle.

  4. It actually should have been instant. It was an issue on our side. We have fixed it. You are now a Silver Member. Thanks very much.

  5. Hi Mathew, thanks for coming back. I have emailed you.

  6. Hi Penguim, this app is very extendable.Yeah notifications can be added.

  7. I have replied via email.

  8. Hi Mathew, no they aren’t the same thing. For example we have included code in the PermissionManager class that can allow an admin to delete news but prevent an editor from doing the same thing:

    fun canDeleteNews(): Boolean { return if (!isLoggedIn) false else CURRENT_USER === Constants.ADMIN_EMAIL }

    All you then have to do is to check the capability before a delete button is clicked e.g:

    if(PermissionManager.canDeleteNews()){ receivedNews?.let { delete(it) } }

    It is not difficult to assign a user readonly permissions. For example below code checks that a user is logged in, but is neither an admin nor an editor. Meaning that this user can only read but doesn’t qualify for editing/deleting permissions:

    fun canOnlyRead(): Boolean { return if (!isLoggedIn) false else CURRENT_USER != Constants.ADMIN_EMAIL || CURRENT_USER != Constants.EDITOR_1_EMAIL }

  9. Thanks Mathew for leaving your feedback. I will send you a bonus project as part of my appreciation.

  10. Given that it works on localhost it may be a server side issue like inability to connect to mysql or that you have specified a wrong url in your code.

  11. Hi Mathew, sorry there was a small maintenance issue but it’s now fixed. Can you try again. If you don’t succeed just inform me here: I can email you the project.

  12. Hi Casiean, thanks for your purchase. By the way am sending you an updated one right this moment. I noticed some small bugs and I have fixed them let me send you the update via email.

  13. Exactly, am sorry for the term. I actually meant searching at the database level using SQL statements instead of fetching all data into a collection then applying a search. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Great request, I’ll do this probably with JSON and MySQL.

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