In this article we will explore the most awesome Xamarin libraries, examples, apps as well as resources. All of them are open source.


  1. AutoMapper ★5,724

A convention-based object-object mapper in .NET.

  1. Fluent Validation ★3,570

Fluent interface and lambda expressions for building validation rules.

  1. Humanizer ★3,426

Manipulation and displaying of strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities.

  1. NodaTime ★970

Alternative date and time API for .NET.

  1. Polly ★4,666

Exception handling policies such as Retry, Retry Forever, Wait and Retry or Circuit Breaker.


  1. Behaviors Toolkit ★34

A means of adding common and reusable interactivity to your Xamarin applications with minimal code.

  1. Conditions ★48

Library that helps developers write pre- and postcondition validations in a fluent manner.

  1. Stateless ★2,294

State Machines.


  1. AsyncEx ★1,253

A helper library for async/await.

  1. LinqToAwait ★99

A Task-based LINQ designed to work with async/await.


  1. MicroCharts ★1052

Create cross-platform (Xamarin, Windows, ...

  1. MPAndroidChart/iOSCharts ★6

MPAndroidChart/iOSCharts binding support use in Xamarin Forms.

  1. OxyPlot ★1,311

Cross-platform plotting library for .NET.


  1. Azure

Microsoft Azure.

  1. Bugfender ★10

Store your application logs on the cloud (iOS & Android

  1. FireSharp ★479

Firebase REST API wrapper.


  1. Akavache ★1,692

An Asynchronous Key-Value Store for Native Applications.

  1. Breeze ★63

Data management library for developers of rich client applications.

  1. Couchbase.Lite ★299

Lightweight embedded NoSQL database.

  1. Lager ★2

Cross-platform settings storage that uses Akavache as a storage backend.

  1. Massive ★1,708

"wrapper" for your DB tables and uses System.Dynamic extensively.

  1. Realm ★690

Mobile database that runs directly inside phones, tablets or wearables.

  1. Settings ★58

Cross platform settings plugin for Xamarin and Windows.

  1. SQLite.Net-PCL ★340

SQLite 3 databases support, PCL, async.

  1. LiteDB ★4245

A .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file.

  1. DB4O-GPL ★8

Object-Oriented Database, Embedded and Remote connections supported.


  1. Fody ★2,150

Extensible tool for weaving .net assemblies.

  1. AutoDependencyProperty.Fody

Automatically generates DependencyProperty boilerplate from simple C# properties.

  1. PropertyChanged.Fody ★820

Injects INotifyPropertyChanged code into properties at compile time.

  1. ReactiveUI.Fody ★105

Generate RaisePropertyChange notifications for properties and ObservableAsPropertyHelper properties.


  1. Ammy

Modern UI language for XAML platforms. Free for non-commercial development.

  1. Appercode.UIFramework ★13

Allows to build user interface of cross-platform mobile applications with single XAML layout.

  1. Invention

Develop native apps for iOS, Android and Windows with 100% code sharing using Visual Studio and C#.NET.

  1. SimplyMobile ★103

Collection of abstracted mobile functionalities.

  1. Xamu-Infrastructure ★104

Extensions, MVVM classes, behaviors and other misc. useful code bits from Xamarin University.

Game Engine

  1. CocosSharp ★463

CSharp implementation of the Cocos2D and Cocos3D APIs.

  1. MonoGame ★5,276

Open source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4.x Framework.

  1. Paradox ★1,706

Paradox3D + Silicon Studio .NET.

  1. UrhoSharp ★275

Cross-platform high-level 3D and 2D engine.

  1. CocosCreator ★2

Xamarin binding for CocosCreator Engine.


  1. IO ★6

Access system folders and files using a familiar api.

  1. PCL Storage ★270

Consistent, portable set of local file IO APIs for .NET.

  1. FilePicker-Plugin-for-Xamarin ★37

Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files and work with them.


  1. Autofac ★2,169

An addictive .NET IoC container.

  1. DryIoc

Fast, small, full-featured IoC Container for .NET.

  1. Funq ★2

High performance DI framework by eliminating all runtime reflection through the use of lambdas and generic functions as factories.

  1. LightInject ★320

Light, simple and stunningly fast IoC container for .NET.

  1. Ninject ★2,034

The ninja of .net dependency injectors.

  1. Stiletto ★36

.NET port of Dagger, the lightweight Android dependency injector from Square.

  1. TinyIoC ★585

Single-class easy IoC container.


  1. I18NPortable ★49

Simple and cross platform internationalization/translations for Xamarin and .NET.

  1. Resxible ★9

Tool to generate automatically several platform-dependent resource files from a single RESX file.

  1. Vernacular ★167

Cross Platform Localisation, tools to convert standard strings formats.

  1. SimpleLocalize ★19

Open source tool for managing i18n keys in Xmarin projects.


  1. Flex ★128

Flexible box layout system.


  1. EZ-Compress ★11

A simple image stream compression plugin for Xamarin.

  1. Fast & Furious Image Loading ★820

Xamarin library to load images quickly & easily.

  1. Lottie ★643

Render After Effects animations natively on Android and iOS for Xamarin.

  1. LibVLCSharp ★174

Xamarin bindings for libvlc, the multimedia framework powering the VLC applications made by VideoLAN.

  1. MediaManager ★269

Cross platform Xamarin plugin to play Media from PCL.

  1. NGraphics ★482

Cross platform library for rendering vector graphics.

  1. PDFReader ★51

iOS (-only

  1. Screenshot Plugin ★21

A simple Screenshot plugin for Xamarin and Windows to get and save screenshot in yours apps.

  1. SkiaSharp ★920

Powerful C# API for doing 2D graphics. It is powered by Google’s Skia library.

  1. Splat ★590

Cross platform image loading, colors and stuff.

  1. SimpleAudioPlayer ★14

Simple plugin for plays local files and audio data as a stream.

  1. ZXing.Net.Mobile ★570

Barcode Scanning Library for MonoTouch, Mono for Android, and Windows Phone.

  1. SupportMediaXF ★2

Simple cross platform plugin to take photos or pick them from a gallery from shared code


  1. Bind ★158

Bind gives you easy two-way data binding between properties of objects.

  1. EBind

Concise, fast and feature-rich .NET data binding with some Xamarin goodies.

  1. FreshMvvm ★324

Super light Mvvm Framework designed specifically for Xamarin.Forms.

  1. Infinite Scroll Plugin ★24

A Plugin which facilitates forward-only incremental scrolling for a paged data source.

  1. MVVMCross ★2,657

Cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework.

*   [Cheesebaron.MvxPlugins ★79](

A collection of plugins.

*   [MvxAms ★1](

MVVMCross Azure Mobile Services plugin.

*   [MvxForms ★1](

MVVMCross plugin for using Xamarin.Forms.

  1. MugenMvvmToolkit ★127

Cross-platform MVVM toolkit.

  1. MVVMLight

Cross-platform MVVM development framework.

  1. MvvmNano ★46

Small and smart MVVM framework made with for Xamarin.Forms.

  1. Prism ★2,365

Cross-platform MVVM development framework.

  1. ReactiveUI ★3,917

Rx MVVM framework.

  1. Wires ★28

Wires is a simple binding library.


  1. Apizr ★4

Refit based web api client, but resilient (retry, connectivity, cache, auth, log, priority, etc...

  1. Connectivity ★200

Cross-platform network/connection status.

  1. CrossDownloadManager ★67

A cross platform download manager for Xamarin.

  1. Flurl ★1,295

Flurl is a modern, fluent, asynchronous, testable, portable, buzzword-laden URL builder and HTTP client library.

  1. Fusillade ★216

Set of HttpMessageHandlers that make your mobile applications more efficient and responsive.

  1. Messaging ★1

Make a phone call, send a sms or send an e-mail using the default messaging applications.

  1. ModernHttpClient

Accelerates HTTP requests by using mobile-optimized libs (NSURLSession / OkHttp

  1. NFC ★14

Xamarin plugin for reading NFC tags.

  1. Push Notification ★1

Simple cross platform plugin to handle push notification events such as registering, unregistering and messages arrival on Android and iOS.

  1. Reachability ★25

Online/offline connected check.

  1. Refit ★2,762

The automatic type-safe REST library for Xamarin and .NET.

  1. RestEase ★339

Refit on steroids, simpler auth, parsing...

  1. RestLess ★57

The automatic type-safe-reflectionless REST API client library for .Net Standard.

  1. RestSharp ★6,994

Simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET.

  1. Sockets ★185

An abstraction over the socket helper classes of .NET and WinRT.

  1. Tiny.RestClient ★31

Description Simpliest Fluent REST client for Xamarin and .NET.


  1. Akavache ★1,692

An Asynchronous Key-Value Store for Native Applications.

  1. ReactiveUI ★3,917

Rx MVVM framework.

  1. Refit ★2,762

Refit is a library heavily inspired by Square's Retrofit library, and it turns your REST API into a live interface.

  1. ReactiveProperty ★361

Provides MVVM and asynchronous support features under Reactive Extensions.

  1. RxFlow ★18

Simple Flow Control Library with Rx(Reactive Extensions

  1. Sensors

ACR Reactive Sensors Plugin for Xamarin & Windows.

  1. CrossPlatformLiveData

Android LiveData inspired .NET implementationlifecycle aware rx streams.


  1. Portable.BouncyCastle ★136

Portable version of Bouncy Castle with support for .NET 4, .NET Standard 2.0, MonoAndroid, Xamarin.iOS, .NET Core.

  1. BreachDetector ★11

Detect root, emulation, debug mode and other security concerns in your Xamarin apps.

  1. Cryoprison

Jailbreak/Root detection for Xamarin

  1. Fingerprint Plugin ★165

Xamarin and MvvMCross plugin for accessing the fingerprint sensor.

  1. PCLCrypto ★184

Cryptography for portable class libraries (MD5,...

  1. Permissions ★255

Simple cross platform plugin to check connection status of mobile device, gather connection type, bandwidths, and more.


  1. Newtonsoft.Json ★5,812

Popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET.

  1. Quicktype ★886

Instantly generate classes and JSON serialization code from JSON.


  1. FluentAssertions

TDD/BDD fluent asserts.

  1. NBehave ★47

Framework for Behaviour-Driven Development.

  1. VSMac-CodeCoverage

Gather code coverage results for your unit test projects from Visual Studio for Mac.


  1. Cheeseknife ★53

A view injection library for Xamarin.Android.

  1. IconFont2Code ★52

Generates a C# class with the glyph Unicode values in your font file (.ttf/.otf

  1. GradleBindings ★103

Visual Studio extension, for referencing gradle libs in Android projects.

  1. Material icons generator plugin - Xamarin Studio ★14

Adding material icons to android project.

  1. Material icons generator plugin - Visual Studio

Adding material icons to android project.

  1. Mutatio ★18

Visual Studio for Mac add-in/extension for converting old PCLs to .NET Standard 2.0 targeting projects automatically.

  1. PushSharp ★3,990

A server-side library for sending Push Notifications to iOS (iPhone/iPad APNS

  1. Twin Tools Add-In ★20

Productivity plugin for Xamarin Studio.

  1. Xamaridea ★69

Visual Studio extension, opens *.axml files in Android Studio.

  1. Xavtool ★15

Command-line utility to automatically increase iOS / Android / UWP applications version.

  1. Xamarin-APRTextFieldSuggestions

Xamarin.iOS Autocomplete suggestions for UITextfield in iOS.

  1. VSMac-CodeDistribution

A Visual Studio for Mac extension that visualises code distribution between projects. Particularly useful for Xamarin projects to understand the amount of code shared between platforms.


  1. Xamarin.Forms.Breadcrumb

A control that automatically generated a breadcrumb control

  1. Xamarin.Forms.StateButton

With this control you are able to create any style of button. This is possible as it acts as a wrapper to your XAML and provides you the events/ commands and properties to bind too.

  1. Essential UI Kit ★130

Beautiful XAML pages for Xamarin.Forms app.

  1. Passcode ★13

Xamarin component for locking an app with a passcode.

  1. SignaturePad ★117

Signature Pad makes capturing, saving, exporting, and displaying signatures extremely simple on Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Windows.

  1. Syncfusion Components

Rich set of UI components and file format libraries for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android applications.

  1. XamEffects ★53

Touch effect for Xamarin.Forms.

  1. Telerik UI for Xamarin

Telerik UI for Xamarin offers more the 70 controls to build professional-looking modern mobile applications for iOS, Android and UWP from a single code base.

  1. Showcase View

Xamarin.Android Native showcase view. An easy-to-use customizable show case view with circular reveal animation.

  1. Animated Circle Loading View

A determiante/indetermiante loading view animation.

  1. Animated Icon Button

An animated icon button for Xamarin.iOS.

  1. SimpleBottomDrawer

Just a nice and simple BottomDrawer for your Xamarin Forms project

  1. SimpleColorPicker

Just a nice and simple ColorPicker for your Xamarin Forms project

  1. SimpleAppIntro

Just a nice and simple AppIntro for your Xamarin Forms project

  1. SimpleStaticMap

Just a simple static map control based on the Static API of Google Maps for your Xamarin Forms project

  1. TEdito2

TEditor2 is a HTML editor for Xamarin, it has so many build-in features and easy to use.

  1. IridescentView

A custom Xamarin.Android ImageView with iridescence effect.


  1. WormHoleSharp ★25

Communication between Watch and iDevice.


  1. Acr-xamarin-forms ★244

Camera/Gallery, Barcode Scanning, User Dialogs, Geo-Location, Network Utils, Device Info, Settings, E-Mail, Phone, SMS all for Xamarin.Forms.

  1. AdvancedTimer ★35

Timer object and its methods are implemented for extended support for timers.

  1. Android AppCompat ★34

Provide Material Design themes now for Xamarin.Forms apps natively without hacks.

  1. BadgeView ★31

A simple Xamarin.Forms control to display a round badge.

  1. Circle Image Control

Simple but elegant way of display circle images in your Xamarin.Forms projects.

  1. Compass ★19

Provides and simple way to access the compass on Windows Phone, iOS and Android from you Xamarin.Forms projects.

  1. Device Orientation ★28

Simple cross-platform plugin to work with screen orientation of mobile device.

  1. Device Orientation ★1

Simple way to get device orientation or be notified of orientation changes in your Xamarin.Forms projects.

  1. NControl ★243

Xamarin.Forms control for NGraphics.

  1. Magic Gradients ★128

Provides a simply way to implement a great variety of gradients in Xamarin.Forms.

  1. MvxForms ★8

MVVMCross plugin for using Xamarin.Forms.

  1. PancakeView ★454

An extended ContentView for Xamarin.Forms with rounded corners, borders, shadows, gradients and more.

  1. PullToRefreshLayout ★134
[DEPRECATED] Pull To Refresh a ScrollView or ListView in Xamarin.Forms.
  1. Rb.Forms.Barcode ★34

Xamarin.Forms view for scanning barcodes.

  1. Rg.Plugins.Popup

A cross platform plugin for Xamarin.Forms which allows to open Xamarin.Forms pages as a popup.

  1. SharedTransitions ★223

Shared element transitions between pages in Xamarin.Forms (IOS/Android

  1. Sharpnado.Presentation.Forms ★28

HorizontalListView, TaskViewLoader, and Paginator.

  1. SolTech Xamarin Forms Toolkit ★31

Set of helpful extensions to the Xamarin Forms framework.

  1. Store Rating Plugin ★7

Rate app popup.

  1. SVG ★1

SVG file format support.

  1. Swipecards ★80

A Tinder-like swipe control for Xamarin.Forms.

  1. Toasts Plugin ★208

A simple way of showing some notifications inside your Xamarin.Forms application.

  1. TwinTechsFormsLib ★187

FastCell, FastImage, FastGridCell.

  1. Web Atoms for Xamarin.Forms

Write Xamarin.Forms app in JSX/JavaScript, Easily publish new version, integrate existing app with few lines of code, Code Push for Production with MVVM

  1. XamarinControls ★17

Cross-platform controls for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms (Checkbox using SkiaSharp

  1. Xamarin-Forms-Labs ★1,392

Powerful and cross platform set of controls and helpers.

  1. xamarin-forms-xna ★7

Monogame wrapper for Xamarin.Forms.

  1. Xamarin.Forms.GoogleMaps ★250

Maps library for Xamarin.Forms using Google Mapps API.

  1. XamFormsMvxTemplate ★19

MVVMCross.Forms Visual Studio 2017 project template (iOS, Android, UWP

  1. Xamarin.Essentials

Xamarin.Essentials provides developers with cross-platform APIs for their mobile applications.

  1. Xamarin.Forms.EntryAutoComplete

Custom control which functionality provides you with suggestions while typing. There are several modes of suggestions. The suggested text can be displayed in a drop-down list so that you can choose from different options.

  1. Xamarin.Forms.Skeleton

The latest trend for loading approaches in Xamarin Forms apps. Skeleton can be easily implemented on each view contained in your Xaml.

  1. MaterialDesignControlsPlugin

MaterialDesignControls Plugin for Xamarin Forms is a collection of Xamarin.Forms controls that apply the Material Design Guidelines.

XPlat APIs

Most of them support Android and iOS, some do Windows Phone 8

  1. Calendars ★49

Calendar API plugin for Xamarin and Windows Phone, Supports basic CRUD operations with calendars and events.

  1. Device Motion ★1

Simple cross platform plugin to read motion vectors value for device motion sensors such as: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Compass.

  1. Estimote ★37

Cross platform implementation of the estimote library for beacons.

  1. Fingerprint ★165

Xamarin and MvvMCross plugin for accessing the fingerprint sensor.

  1. HybridKit ★21

Simple C# – JavaScript bridge for building hybrid iOS and Android apps.

  1. Lamp ★1

Simple way of controlling the lamp/LED on the back of your phone from Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms projects.

  1. ManageSleep ★15

Manage auto sleep / auto lock in all platforms. This is useful when dealing with long running processes.

  1. Messaging ★88

The Messaging plugin makes it possible to make a phone call, send a sms or send an e-mail using the default messaging applications on the different mobile platforms.

  1. Notifications ★79

Notifications plugin for Xamarin and Windows.

  1. Pontoon ★27

A flexible bridge to the Universal Windows Platform.

  1. Shiny ★428

A Xamarin Framework for Backgrounding & Device Hardware Services.

  1. Telephony ★17

Email, sms, voice and video call functionality.

  1. userdialogs ★510

Standard user dialogs from a shared/portable library.

  1. Version ★1

Get app version from bundle.

  1. Xamarin.Badge ★33

Simple cross platform plugin to work with application badge.

  1. Xamarin.Essentials ★560

Essential cross-platform APIs from Xamarin team for iOS and Android. Provide easy access to or usage of: Acelerometer, App Information, Battery, Clipboard, Compass, Connectivity, Data Transfer (Share

  1. Xamarin.LocalNotifications ★40

Simple cross platform plugin to work with mobile local notifications.

  1. Xamarin.Mobile ★237

Reading the user's address book and using the camera.

  1. Xamarin-plugins ★39

Device Motion, Geofencing, Push Notifications (Beta).