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Introduction and Demo

Firebase Realtime Database is a NoSQL cloud based database owned by Google. It allows us to store and sync data between devices and the cloud. This is really powerful since in realtime changes made to the data in one device becomes immediately available to all other devices.

Who Owns Firebase Realtime Database?

Firebase Realtime Database is among a suite of technologies for data storage and synchronization technologies owned by Google. Others include Firestore and Firebase Storage.

How is Data Stored in Firebase Realtime Database?

Data is stored in json format. Firebase Realtime database is a no-sql cloud database. That data then becomes available to other connected devices as Firebase Realtime database supports multi-device and multi-platform synchronization.

Which Platform is supported by Firebase Realtime Database.

The following platforms are supported:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Javascript SDKs

Thus creating your app with one platform implies that other apps created by other platforms can share same dataset, all of the apps synchronized.

Why Firebase Realtime Database?

Firebase is was a game changer because of the various powerful capabilities devices had always dreamed of. Yet Firebase provides these out of the box without us having to make special configurations.

Here are it’s best and most powerful features:

No. Reason Explanation
1. Realtime Firebase Database is Realtime. This is due to its synchronization capability across multiple devices rather than the typical HTTP requests. The updates take place within miliseconds.
2. Offline Firebase supports offline first apps. This is because it persists your app’s data to the disk and then later synchronizes the device with server state as soon as the device is connected.
3. Accessibility With Firebase you don’t need a HTTP server installed somewhere or write some server side code. Firebase database can be accessed directly in any client be it an android app or browser.
4. Security Firebase provides out of the box security features and accessibility control. These are available through Firebase realtime database security rules that you specify in the Firebase console.

What we are Creating

Well after the introduction it’s now time to come and build our app. We are doing a simple app building course where we will build a Firebase Realtime database CRUD app. The app will support:

  1. Adding New data
  2. Editing Existing Data
  3. Listing Data
  4. Deleting Data
  5. Searching Data

We will have the following screens/pages:

  1. Splash screen
  2. Dashboard screen
  3. Listing Screen
  4. Detail Screen
  5. CRUD Screen

Course Format

The course will be in both video and text. Video format will support realtime coding and step by step instructions.



Firebase Full CRUD Demo

Firebase Full CRUD Demo

  • Introduction

    Introduction and creating firebase app.

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  • Model Class

    Let's create our Firebase Model class.

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  • Utilities

    Let's create some utility methods we'll use throughout our project.

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  • Search and Filter

    Let's examine the FilterHelper class. The class will allow us perform our search filtering based on SearchView.

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  • Adapter

    Here we write our recyclerview adapter. We see the roles of this important class.

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  • CRUD

    This is where we write the llogic for our CRUD operations. We see how to add, update, read and delete data to and from Firebase Realtime database

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  • Splash and Dashboard Pages

    Let's now come and create our first views: the splash screen and the dashboard screen.

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  • Listing and Detail Pages

    We now come to look at the activities responsible for showing our lists of data as well as the details for a single item.

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  • Finishing Up

    Let's look at our android manifest, add permissions and register activities.

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  • Download

    Premium members can download the source below.

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