This is part of the Android Live Courses Season 1 series. In this season one we are looking at how to perform crud operations against mysql database backed by retrofit. In the process we are creating a full scientists app.

In this lesson we want to initialize Calligraphy, our custom font library.

Create a file called in the root package of your project.

Add the following code:

package info.camposha.retrofitmysqlcrud;


import io.github.inflationx.calligraphy3.CalligraphyConfig;
import io.github.inflationx.calligraphy3.CalligraphyInterceptor;
import io.github.inflationx.viewpump.ViewPump;

public class App extends Application {
    public void onCreate() {
                .addInterceptor(new CalligraphyInterceptor(
                        new CalligraphyConfig.Builder()

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Now we’ve looked at the app class. That class is our Application class in that it derives from ``, which is an android component. It is this app class where we’ve loaded our custom fonts. We said we are using a library called Calligraphy as our font loading library.


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