Dart Data Types

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Dart Data Types and Variables example.

Working with Literals

Here's an example indicating how to work with string, float, integer and boolean literals.

main() {
  // You can use the `+` to concatenate strings
  print("This is string " + "concatenation");
  print("Hello " + "World");

  // You can also interpolate values within a string.
  // Add two integers
  print("108 + 112 = ${ 108 + 112 }");
  // Divide two Floats
  print("234.23 / 31.09 = ${ 234.23 / 31.09 }");

  // Boolean Values
  print(true && false);
  print(false || true);

The above will result in:

This is string concatenation
Hello World
108 + 112 = 220
234.23 / 31.09 = 7.533933740752653

Variable Declaration using var keyword

In Dart you can declare variables using the var keyword:

main() {
  var name = "Albert Einstein";

  var age=76;

  var balance = 1200.50;

  var isMarried = true;


Here's the result:

Albert Einstein

In the above we've declared both an integer and a string without specifying the type. Dart will then use Type Inference to determine the type for us:

Getting the Type of a given Variable

Sometimes you want to determine the type of a given variable. In that case you can use the runtimeType property of the Type class.

Here's an example:

main() {
  var name = "Albert Einstein";
  print(name + " is a " + name.runtimeType.toString());

  var age=76;
  print(age.toString() + " is an " + age.runtimeType.toString());

  var balance = 1200.50;
  print(balance.toString() + " is a " + balance.runtimeType.toString());

  var isMarried = true;
  print(isMarried.toString() + " is a " + isMarried.runtimeType.toString());


And we get:

Albert Einstein is a String
76 is a int
1200.5 is a double
true is a bool

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