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use std::io; fn main() { println!("Welcome to the QnA program!"); println!("Ask me a question: "); let mut question = String::new(); io::stdin().read_line(&mut question).expect("Failed to read line"); if question.trim().to_lowercase() == "what is this web app?" { println!("This web app is a Rust code editor with a syntax highlighter, autocompletion, and many more features!"); println!("It allows you to write, and run edit code directly in the browser, without needing to install any software."); println!("The syntax highlighter makes your code look beautiful, and the autocompletion feature helps you write code faster and more accurately."); println!("Plus, it has many other features like the ability to undo/redo, copy or export code, work offline etc!"); } else { println!("Well, what are you waiting for, start editing your code right now."); } }