A FREE Online Text Editor for Find and Replace Operations.

With support for find/replace, regular expressions, case matching, and more. No Installations necessary.

  1. Completely Free
  2. Works Offline
  3. Find/Replace
  4. Regular Expressions (regex)
  5. Case Matching
  6. Highlighting
  7. Replace One or All
  8. Copy/Paste Support
  9. Export
  10. Undo/Redo
  11. Intuitive and Resizable to full screen
  12. Privacy-focused. No code uploaded.
## What is this web app? This web app is an online text editor designed to simplify find and replace tasks directly in your browser. With support for basic find/replace, regular expressions, case matching, and more. ### Features: 1. **Basic Find/Replace**: Easily search for and replace specific words, phrases, or characters within your text. 2. **Regular Expressions (regex)**: Utilize the power of regex to perform complex search patterns and replacements. 3. **Case Matching**: Choose between case-sensitive and case-insensitive matching to suit your specific needs. 4. **Highlighting**: Visualize the matches in your text for a clear overview and easy navigation. 5. **Replace One or All**: Selectively replace individual instances or perform a bulk replacement of all matches in your text. 6. **Accessibility**: Access us from any device with an internet connection and a web browser, enabling on-the-go text editing. 7. **Intuitive Interface**: Enjoy a clean and straightforward user experience. 8. **Undo/Redo**: Quickly revert changes or restore previous replacements with the undo/redo functionality. 9. **Copy/Paste Support**: Paste text from external sources or export your edited content with ease. > Give us a try.