This is free course in creating a professional Contacts Management System in C# using windows forms. The project will be backed by MS Access database. Users can store their contacts in this app and export to excel for even more backup. You will never lose your contacts again.

Functionalities of the Project

  1. INSERT/SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE Contacts. The contacts are stored in ms access database.
  2. Clone existing contacts and edit before saving.
  3. Paginate contacts using BindingSource and BindingNavigator.
  4. Realtime database-level search filter for contacts.
  5. Export all existing Contacts to MS Excel on button click. Choose to replace existing Excel file or ignore.
  6. Beautiful UI using iTalk theme.

Video Tutorial(Recommended)

What You need for this class.

  1. Visual Studio
  2. MS Access

Windows Forms Components we'll use:

No. Component Description
1. Tabs Vertical Tabs using iTalk theme. This will be our primary way to navigate.
2. DataGridView To render our data.
3. GroupBox To organize our controls.
4. TextBox To input text as well as search
5. Labels To show captions.
6. Button To initiate actions.
7. BindingNavigator To provide pagination controls.