Android Custom Percentage ProgressBar Creation Tutorial based on LinearLayout.

Sometimes you just want to churn out your own solutions instead of using classes that have been supplied. Those supplied classes are always generic, attempting to cover for everybody. Hence many times you need to be able to create a custom widget yourself.

In this tutorial we see how to do a custom percentage progressbar.


Pure Javascript Tabs Implementation Tutorial

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Android AnnouncementView Creation Tutorial using ViewFlipper class

How to create an announcemnet ticker view using ViewFlipper class. That announcementView flips the announcements at an interval you can set. You simply pass it an arraylist of announcements.

Android Retrofit MySQL Serverside Filter Based on Categories via RadioButtons.

How to filter mysql data via categories with radiobuttons. We use Retrofit and ListView.


Pure HTML CSS Star Rating System Implementation Tutorial

In this tutorial we want to see how you can implement a star rating widget in pure html and css without any javascript library.


Pure CSS Sidebar Expanding Menu Tutorial

How to create a sidebar menu with pure css and html, no Javascript is used.


Flutter Navigation Drawer Tutorial and Example.

This is a flutter navigation drawer tutorial with a full example. We start by discussing what navigation drawer is, when to use then look at a full example with fragments containing gridviews.

Top Android Sports Scores and Fixtures Open source Projects in Github for students

Happy new year all.We want to look at sports fixtures with regards to Fixture and Score keeping. These projects are learnable by students and are written in either Java or Kotlin.


Top Flutter WhatsApp App Clone Projects Source code In GitHub

How to create your own WhatsApp in Flutter.