Top Flutter Instagram App Clone Projects In GitHub

How to create your own Instagram in Flutter.


Best Flutter Bottom Navigation Bar Libraries

In this piece we want to look at some of the best Bottom Navigation Libraries for Flutter. These days bottom navigation is almost as popular as tabs. So let's look at some of the libraries you can use as an alternative to the standard Flutter BottomNavigationBar class.


Top Flutter Choice and Confirmation Dialog Tutorial and Libraries

We want to explore some of the top flutter packages that you can use to create dialogs. Be it list dialogs, color dialogs or just simple alert dialogs.


Android Screen Orientation Tutorial, Example and Libraries

In this class we want to cover screen orientation in android.


Top PHP Object Relational Mappers

In this listing we want to explore some of the top PHP ORMs in no particular order.

Android Retrofit MySQL Serverside Multi-Column Search/Filter ListView Tutorial.

In this class we see how to perform a multi-column search filter against mysql database from our android app. We use Java to write our app and Retrofit as our HTTP Client. Furthermore we use ListView as our AdapterView. MySQL is our database while PHP is our serverside programming language.


Flutter PHP MySQL MasterDetail ListView Images text Tutorial.

In this lesson we want to see how to work with both MySQL database and flutter application. We simply perform a HTTP GET against PHP MySQL server, download data and populate our custom listview with images and text. Then when a single card in our listvie wis clicked we open a detail page passing in the data we had downloaded from mysql.

Android Retrofit MySQL ClientSide Multi-Column Search/Filter ListView Tutorial.

How to perform a multi-column search filter on MySQL database using Retrofit as our HTTP Client, SearchView as our search view, and ListView as our adapterview.


Flutter BottomNavigationBar Tutorial and Example.

We are looking at the BottomNavigationBar and how to use with practical examples.

Let's start.

Android Firebase Storage + Firebase Realtime Database Tutoriral.

How to upload images and text to Firebase Database and Storage, then retrieve them and show them in a custom recyclerview, then show or delete them. We create a simple app in master detail mode allowing us to upload teacher details to Firebase, show them, view details for single teacher then delete them.