Flutter HTTP JSON ListView MasterDetail Images Text Tutorial.

How to download JSON with images and Text via HTTP and bind to a custom listview with images and text. Then open a detail view of the listview when a listview item is clicked.


Android Dagger2 Framework Tutorial and Examples

Dagger2 is a static compile-time Dependency Injection Framework for java and android.


Flutter Data Passing Tutorial and Example.

In this piece we want to see how to pass data from one flutter app page to another. This is a very important concept since many apps do need to pass data between pages. For example once you've logged a user in you may need to pass the username to the dashboard page.


Flutter TextField Tutorial and Example.

This is a flutter textfield tutorial. We want to see how to create textfields with both single and multiple lines. This is important as textfields are the most commonly used user input widget. Most information in computers exist in text format hence this makes textfields one of the most important UI component, not just in flutter but all user interface frameworks.


Android LocalBroadcastManager with IntentService Tutorial and Example.

This is an android LocalBroadcastManager tutorial and example. We want to see what LocalBroadcastManager is and how to use with an IntentService.

Kotlin Android RecyclerView with CheckBoxes, Images, text and ItemClick supports Tutorial and Example.

I want to show you how you can work with the recyclerview in this tutorial and do common things like using it with checkboxes, images, textview and also supporting click events. All these we do in a single MainActivity.kt file.


C# HTTP Flurl ListView JSON Tutorial Example.

In this tutorial we see a practical example of how to download and parse JSON data from online and bind the data in a C# windows forms listview.


JavaFX Create Email Form

This is a practical tutorial in which we see how to create a beautiful email sending form using the following controls:

  1. ComboBox - Custom editable and non-editable comboboxes.
  2. TextField - To display the email subject.
  3. Labels - To show various captions and notification when email is sent.
  4. TextArea - To allow user to type the email message.
  5. Button - To simulate sending email when clicked.

Flutter Navigator Tutorial and Examples.

This is a Navigator tutorial and example. We first discuss the Navigator class then look at various examples, for example how to open a different page or screen when a given button is clicked.


Android Retrofit JSON GridView Example and Tutorial.

In this tutorial we want to see how to download JSON data from online, then parse that data using Google GSON and then bind the data to a custom GridView. The data will comprise images and text and we render them in custom cardviews. We use Retrofit, a modern and fast http client for android.

Let's start.