Rust Programming Language : Short Programming Documentary

In the year 2010, Mozilla Research officially released the Rust programming language. The development of the language had however began 4 years earlier by Graydon Hoare. Mozilla had began sponsoring the project in 2009.
After many iterations, a stable version 1 was released in May 15 2015. The development team comprised the Rust team at Mozilla and an open source community of over 900 contributors.
Rust is a systems language based on concise,solid principals. It equals C and C++ in it's overall capabilities even though those languages have existed for close to 50 years. It's biggest selling point is safety, speed and concurrency. These features are difficult to find in any single language, and this lifts Rust above a multitude of programming languages.


This is a short educational programming documentary about Rust Programming Language. Check it out. Am creating these videos regularly. So make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon next to the subscribe button so that we notify of these types of educational videos.

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