C# Console => Formatting Strings and Integers

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A basic C# example for formatting strings.C# allows us to specify the placeholder for pieces of data whose values are not known until runtime.We use { } curly brackets.Then at runtime the passed values are substituted with their corressponding placeholders.

What we do :

  • Format and write strings according to placeholder value rather than position.
  • Format integers:
  • C or c is used to format currencies.Default is local currency.
  • D or d formats decimal numbers.May also specify minimum number of digits,like 9 below.
  • E or e formats exponential notation.
  • F or f for floating point formatting.May alo specify minimum digits like 3 below.
  • N or n for basic number formatting like having commas.


using System;

namespace Example_A
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)

            Console.WriteLine("c format: {0:c}", 10999);
            Console.WriteLine("f3 format: {0:f3}", 10999);
            Console.WriteLine("n format: {0:n}", 10999);
            Console.WriteLine("d9 format: {0:d9}", 10999);

            //READ INPUT B4 EXIT


  RESULT Strings Zero,One,Two Integers c format: $10,999.00 f3 format: 10999.000 n format: 10,999.00 d9 format: 000010999

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