Alien Planets App – MVVM+Firebase+Cloud Storage(2 Apps-Kotlin,Java)

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Alien Planets Project contains two apps, one written in Kotlin and an equivalent one written in Java. They will help you learn:

  1. Android development using Kotlin and Java Programming Languages.
  2. Firebase Cloud Storage – Images Upload/Download/Update/Delete
  3. Firebase Realtime Database – CRUD – Inserting/Retrieving/Updating/Deleting
  4. Clean Architecture using Model View ViewModel design pattern.
  5. Basically Full App creation with several pages and functionalities.

This project is perfect if you are looking for a full app template to use in either learning or creating a new project. We guarantee:

  1. High quality code that works and is re-usable.
  2. Lifetime Support.
  3. Multi-device support.

Read in technical detail how this app works here.

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Alien Planets Project contains two apps, one written in Kotlin and an equivalent one written in Java. They will help you learn:

  1. Android development using Kotlin and Java Programming Languages
  2. Model View ViewModel(MVVM) in both Kotlin and Java
  3. Firebase Cloud Storage
  4. Firebase Realtime Database
  5. Create an app that works both offline and offline fully(Data can be saved even while offline. Only images need internet connectivity since cloud storage doesn’t support offline capability)
  6. Image and Text Uploads, Downloads, Update, Delete.
  7. Creating a full app with several pages.

In short you learn how to create a full app in the fastest way possible using high quality,easy to understand code rather than going through tons of tutorials and manuals. Code is commented and variables are well named. We also offer lifetime support and updates to our students.

This project is perfect if you are looking for a template for creating or learning full project creation.

This our Alien Planets app. Read more about this beautiful app

Demo and APK

You need to know what you are buying, don’t you? Well here is the APK demo. Just install it and run. We have a hosted online database to use for demo purposes.



So let’s assume you are a newbie and you have bought the project, what do you do next? First and foremost the project will be downloaded into your machine as a zip file.

Here are the steps you follow:

  1. Open up your android studio
  2. Go to File –> Open Project.
  3. Choose the downloaded zip file. Android Studio will load it and attempt to build the project.
  4. However because we are using libraries like Firebase, you will need internet connectivity to sync the app dependencies atleast for the first time.
  5. Click sync, android studio will display it if the dependencies haven’t been synced.
  6. Once the sync is complete build the project APK or run it while connected to a phone or emulator.


We have written a public article associated with this project. READ IT HERE.

Updates History

We continue updating all our projects, fixing bugs, releasing more features and improving code quality. If you buy the project we will continue sending you the updates via email.

Here are the update history so far:

6th May 2020 (Major Update)

  • Re-designed all layouts to make them fit smaller devices better.
  • Upgraded Gradle from 3.5.2 to 3.6.2(Latest).
  • Fixed bug whereby carouselview was crashing because of empty url.
  • Redesigned about us page.
  • Changed the coloring in Upload page

16th April 2020

  • Fixed problem whereby user was being asked to choose an image even if he didn’t intend to do so.
  • Fixed problem with CarouselView crashing when user visits listings page while offline.
  • Replaced the code for initializing a ViewModel with the newest technique.
  • Updated validation code.
  • Updated to latest gradle.

6th April 2020

  • Published the project.




We provide lifetime support exclusively by email address. I always reply as soon as I receive the email. However this will be within a 24 hour window.


My email address:




Let’s address some of the questions you may have. Remember you can ask us any question, even those not related to this project via my email address:


Why do you Charge for Projects, why don’t you just offer them for Free?

Well we have more than 5oo free mini-projects and tutorials, and almost 1000 free coding videos in YouTube.

However alot of students kept asking us to make full projects. We looked online and saw that indeed it was difficult to find full, easy to understand, supported and high quality projects geared towards students. So we decided to fill this void. However it takes alot of time and effort so we charge for sustainablity. We also provide lifetime support and updates to our projects. Thankfully, we are getting good feedback of this decision.


What if I buy the Project and it doesn’t work?

Well we thoroughly test our projects across many devices and only publish them once we are sure they work. However if there is a problem, probably in some devices you can contact us and we will provide a fix. However we only provide fixes related to the project and not general or apps you have created. We can do that but in a separate plan.


Can You Help me customize this Project and add more features?

Yeah. However again this is a different plan. Feel free to email us the features you want and we will talk.


Will You be sending me Updates?

Yeah. We will be sending updates to your email address. We provide lifetime updates.


Do Projects help me learn Faster?


Absolutely. People learn coding by coding. Reading is good but it’s slow and you won’t get far just by reading. Projects force you to work with several concepts even if you may not understand them in detail at first. Getting a project designed for students will ease you in. Try this, read a book or articles for one month and document what you can do, then get a good project and attempt to customize it for one month, then compare the improvements you made between those two months.

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