CoronaVirus News App – Kotlin+MVVM+Firebase+Cloud Storage+Authentication+PageViews

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Kotlin Android Offline-First CoronaVirus News App. Read more here.

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Kotlin Android Offline-First CoronaVirus News App. Read online documentation here.

What You Get:
  1. Full Working Source code
  2. Full PDF Documentation.

Additional information

Programming Language



Firebase Realtime Database

Image Database

Firebase Cloud Storage


Firebase Authentication

Gif Demo and APK

You need to know what you are buying, don’t you? Well here is the APK demo. Just install it and run. We have a hosted online database to use for demo purposes.

Below is the Gif demo:


So let’s assume you are a newbie and you have bought the project, what do you do next? First and foremost the project will be downloaded into your machine as a zip file.

Here are the steps you follow:

  1. Open up your android studio
  2. Go to File –> Open Project.
  3. Choose the downloaded zip file. Android Studio will load it and attempt to build the project.
  4. However because we are using libraries like Firebase, you will need internet connectivity to sync the app dependencies atleast for the first time.
  5. Click sync, android studio will display it if the dependencies haven’t been synced.
  6. Once the sync is complete build the project APK or run it while connected to a phone or emulator.


We have written a public article associated with this project. READ IT HERE.

Updates History

We continue updating all our projects, fixing bugs, releasing more features and improving code quality. If you buy the project we will continue sending you the updates via email.

Here are the update history so far:

25th April 2020(Major Update)

  • Redesigned all the layouts to better match small mobile screens.
  • Updated Firebase Libraries to Latest versions

13th April 2020

  • Fixed bug whereby publisher was being asked to choose an image even if he didn’t intend to upload one.
  • Fixed bug in ListingsActivity whereby user could open editing page even without login.
  • Reduced the size of APK by removing some unused resources.

1st April 2020

  • Published the project.




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