Daily Chores App is a full android application ready for Play Store. All you need to do is change name, colors, logos etc and make it your own. Of course as a programmer you can extend it with more features. The source code is high quality and given that we’ve utilized Clean Architecture as a design pattern, you can easily understand and follow the code.




Here are the advantages of buying this code:

  1. If you just want to own your first app then this is the best opportunity for you. You won't need to make any configuration. You can even just change the name and logo and upload.
  2. If you want to learn by creating a project then don't miss this chance. We've used MVVM design pattern and taken advantage of the latest APIs like Room, LiveData and ViewModel. This app will allow you understand these components of Android Jetpack.
  3. You can use this as a template for creating a newer project. See the ideas below.

APIs used

  1. Room
  2. LiveData
  3. ViewModel
  4. Sectioned and Expandable RecyclerView
  5. HorizontalDatePicker
  6. CardViews with MaterialLetterIcons
  7. AsyncTask.
  8. Calligraphy and ViewPump



Additional information

Design Pattern

The source code utilizes the Model View ViewModel pattern. Thus this makes it easy to understand, test and customize.


This is a productivity app and is therefore fully offline. No need to create any database or register to online services. The data will be stored in locally in SQLite database. Just download and run.


This app utilizes the beautiful HorizontalDatePicker library. Through this we are able to provide users with the capability to change filter chores based on dates. Users can view chores for past dates and add chores for the future. Filtering is efficient and fast as we cache data and and filter from memory.