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In the Google Play, we've created a fast rising app known as "Learn Android Studio". This app helps developers and students learn android studio. It contains complete and advanced documentation on android studio. Think of it as a pocket reference to use for an in depth guide on Android Studio IDE or it's usage with relation to android development.

What The App Does

  1. Allow you learn android studio in depth, from start to finish.
  2. Provide you a complete reference or documentation to android studio.
  3. Provide you with professional videos on android studio, various releases, features, howTo's etc.

Advantages of the App

  1. Lightweight and easy on memory. It does not background processing.
  2. Crash-Free. The app is thoroughly tested and we are confident it won't crash in your device.
  3. Fast loading of articles. Articles are fetched via API calls from our database and stored in your device until an update has occurred.
  4. Watch Videos. The app integrates videos that you can stream in HD. If you have a low quality bandwidth then the app adjusts to that and downloads lower quality videos.
  5. Adaptive Videos. If you rotate the device, we adjust the video dimensions according to the layout configuration. Also video continues playing without any pause or restart.
  6. Videos are cached after being downloaded until you close the player activity.

Technologies Used

We've built this app based on these technologies:

  1. Kotlin Programming language - App is fully written in Kotlin.
  2. MVVM - Yeah, Model View ViewModel is what we've used.
  3. Retrofit - To make our HTTP calls.
  4. MySQL Database - To store the articles.


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Learn Android Studio – Our Play Store App
Learn Android Studio – Our Play Store App


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