Firebase Realtime DB with Room – Full CRUD + Room + Tabs (Template App)

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This is a perfect project to use as a template or learn Firebase, Room and MVVM Design pattern while creating a full project in Java. These are currently hot technologies and it’s not easy to find a full project that has is high quality yet easy to understand and customize. We design these projects of ours primarily to help beginners who want to learn faster but in the right manner.

This project will teach you how to write data to Firebase Realtime Database, Read from it, show in a recyclerview , view details, edit data and also delete an item. Thus you can be creative and create a new unique project since those are the operations that you majorly need.

Here are the UI interfaces we create for example:

No. Interface Role
1. SplashActivity Useful for portraying your brand to your app users.
2. DashboardActivity Center of our app. Acts like our homepage.
3. ListingActivity Will host our fragments.
4. DetailActivity Will show details of a single clicked item.
5. CRUDActivity One activity that allows us do three things: POST DATA, UPDATE DATA and DELETE DATA.
6. LatestFragment Will render items fetched from Room(SQLite database).That is our Firebase data that is cached locally.
7. ListingFragment If there is no data in our SQLite database this fragment will automatically be opened and it will fetch our data, cache it locally and render it in a recyclerview.
8. SearchFragment Will allow us to search and filter our data.

Major Concepts and Technologies You’ll Learn

  1. Caching Firebase data in SQLite using Room.
  2. Firebase realtime database CRUD operations.
  3. Model View ViewModel and Lifecycle components like MutableLiveData.
  4. Creating a full real world project with several user interfaces like dashboard, listing, detail crud, search/filter,tabs etc.
  5. Using several widgets like RecyclerView, CardViews, CollapsingToolbarLayout, SingleChoiceDialogs, MaterialDatePicker,material edittexts, MaterialLetterIcon, SearchView, TabLayout and ViewPager etc
  6. Using transition as well as widget animations.
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This is a full Firebase Realtime Database Project perfect for students who want to master:

  1. A Full Application creation with several screens like Splash screen,dashboard screen, listings screen, swipe fragments with recyclerviews, detail screen, editing screen etc
  2. MVVM(Model View ViewModel) – a recently introduced design pattern that allows us create high quality apps.
  3. Firebase Realtime Database – For data storage. You’ll learn how to perform all the CRUD operations – Create Read Update Delete.
  4. Room – An abstraction over SQLite. Through room you don’t have to write complex SQL statements to save data.
  5. ViewModel and LiveData – is a lifecycle component that exposes data to the UI. It helps in decoupling business logic code from UI.

In short we are giving you a template to use to create a new app while learning. The code is well tested and and in case of any bug we’ve missed we are available and will be ready to help.

Additional information



Design Pattern

MVVM(Model View ViewModel)


Firebase Realtime Database,

Demos and APK

You need to know what you are buying. Download the APK below:



So let’s assume you are a newbie and you have bought the project, what do you do next? First and foremost the project will be downloaded into your machine as a zip file.

Here are the steps you follow:

  1. Open up your android studio
  2. Go to File –> Open Project.
  3. Choose the downloaded zip file. Android Studio will load it and attempt to build the project.
  4. However because we are using libraries like Firebase, you will need internet connectivity to sync the app dependencies atleast for the first time.
  5. Click sync, android studio will display it if the dependencies haven’t been synced.
  6. Once the sync is complete build the project APK or run it while connected to a phone or emulator.







You may need to make a few changes so as to have to complete control of the app. For example by this time even if you project is running, it is still using our database. You may need to use your own Firebase database.


Don’t worry. It’s pretty easy to create a Firebase Database. You can even do it from android studio. Go to Firebase Assistant in the Tools menu, then click Firebase Realtime Database. You need to be connected to internet. It will prompt you to either choose a Firebase App you have or Create One if you don’t have. Just be aware that after creating a firebase app, you will need to go to your Firebase Console and enable unauthenticated reads and writes. This will allow you application to be able to write and read data from Firebase without authentication.



We have written a public article associated with this project. READ IT HERE.

Updates History

We continue updating all our projects, fixing bugs, releasing more features and improving code quality. If you buy the project we will continue sending you the updates via email.

Here are the update history so far:

13 November 2019

  • Published the project.

9th January 2020

  • Added Support for Search Highlights




We provide lifetime support exclusively by email address. I always reply as soon as I receive the email. However this will be within a 24 hour window.


My email address:




Let’s address some of the questions you may have. Remember you can ask us any question, even those not related to this project via my email address:


Why do you Charge for Projects, why don’t you just offer them for Free?

Well we have more than 5oo free mini-projects and tutorials, and almost 1000 free coding videos in YouTube.

However alot of students kept asking us to make full projects. We looked online and saw that indeed it was difficult to find full, easy to understand, supported and high quality projects geared towards students. So we decided to fill this void. However it takes alot of time and effort so we charge for sustainablity. We also provide lifetime support and updates to our projects. Thankfully, we are getting good feedback of this decision.


What if I buy the Project and it doesn’t work?

Well we thoroughly test our projects across many devices and only publish them once we are sure they work. However if there is a problem, probably in some devices you can contact us and we will provide a fix. However we only provide fixes related to the project and not general or apps you have created. We can do that but in a separate plan.


Do you Offer Refunds?

No we don’t offer refunds. However we are fully available to offer you support if you are not happy.


Can You Help me customize this Project and add more features?

Yeah. However again this is a different plan. Feel free to email us the features you want and we will talk.


Will You be sending me Updates?

Yeah. We will be sending updates to your email address. We provide lifetime updates.


Do Projects help me learn Faster?


Absolutely. People learn coding by coding. Reading is good but it’s slow and you won’t get far just by reading. Projects force you to work with several concepts even if you may not understand them in detail at first. Getting a project designed for students will ease you in. Try this, read a book or articles for one month and document what you can do, then get a good project and attempt to customize it for one month, then compare the improvements you made between those two months.

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