Android Firebase Realtime Database CRUD project. Suitable for use as a template for those people completely new to Firebase realtime database. Instead of going through tons of manuals. Download this project and use android studio to edit it then run. You will quickly be learning how Firebase works in  a real project.

By the end of the day you will have mastered the essentials of Firebase realtime Database.


These projects are designed to help beginners learn Firebase realtime database with both Java and Kotlin by creating a full app. They are designed to be readable for ease of understanding but still high quality.

You can use this as a template for creating your new Firebase realtime database. You will be able to:

  1. POST into Firebase Realtime Database  using a beautiful screen.
  2. READ from Firebase and show in a recyclerview with beautiful material letter icons.
  3. UPDATE data in Firebase Realtime Database easily.
  4. DELETE an existing data.
  5. SEARCH Data.

The app provides the following screen, all of then beautiful and well designed:

  1. Splash Activity - Animate your logo and app brand
  2. Dashboard Activity - Provide access to other screens.
  3. CRUD Activity - Single activity with edittexts and dialogs that is used for posting data, updating data and deleting data.
  4. Listings Activity - Screen with recyclerview to list our data from Firebase Realttime database.

We guarantee that the app will not crash and the source code is easily extensible. In case an error occurs or you are stuck, we will provide you with support. We offer LIFETIME support to our projects.