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Scientific Gamechangers App – Room MVVM CRUD App

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Do you want to learn Room, MVVM, LiveData while creating a real world project? What about creating a beautiful Scientists App. This is a unique idea and you can easily come up with a different idea and modify the app towards it. This easy, all you need is change the model class and maybe the fields.

This app is meant to teach you learn the concepts you need to be able to utilize the following Android Jetpack components:

  1. Utilize MVVM(Model View ViewModel)
  2. Use LiveData to add reactivity to your application.
  3. Use VeiwModel to prepare user interface data in a lifecycle aware manner.
  4. Use Room as our data access layer.

Here are the screens built in this app(View them in the gallery in the sidebar):

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Dashboard Screen
  3. CRUD Screen
  4. Listing Screen
  5. Detail Screen.


  1. Detail Screen
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Let’s learn Room, MVVM and LiveData while creating a beautiful customizable app. You can use this as a template to create many types of apps. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas you can implement. Just try to choose unique ideas to make your app stand out in the Google Play Store. In this case we have chosen to create an app that provides details of the scientists who changed the course of history. This app is completely offline.


Here are the APIs we will use

Android JetPack

  1. Room – Our data access layer
  2. ViewModel – To prepare data to the UI
  3. LiveData – To pass data to subscribers.

Data Views

  1. RecyclerView – To render our cardviews
  2. CarouselView – To render images in a slider.