Termima is the name of the app we are creating. It’s a beautiful single page app designed to teach the following concepts:
1. RxJava2 Usage with Room
2. Room CRUD with classic pagination and search.
3. Clean Architecture
4. Model View ViewModel(MVVM)
5. Single-Page full app design.
The app will all users to keep a record of terms and definitions. We writers and sharers of information, especially non-native speakers have to keep widening our vocabularies repository. I created this app to help in doing that and am sharing it for you to create your offline apps based on it. Basically you can use it as a template to create your applications based on RxJava2 and Rooom.
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Termima is the name of the app we are creating. It's a beautiful single page app designed to teach the following concepts:
1.  Java Programming Langage.
2. RxJava2 Usage with Room
3. Room CRUD with classic pagination and search.
4. Clean Architecture
5. Model View ViewModel(MVVM)
6. Single-Page full app design.
The app will all users to keep a record of terms and definitions. We writers and sharers of information, especially non-native speakers have to keep widening our vocabularies repository. I created this app to help in doing that and am sharing it for you to create your offline apps based on it. Basically you can use it as a template to create your applications based on RxJava2 and Room.
What You Get:
  1. Full Working Source code
  2. Full PDF Documentation.