VB.NET Examples


A HashSet is generic collection that represents a set of values.

While a datagridview is windows froms components that displays items in a customized grid. A HashSet is defined in the System.Colletions.Generic namespace and is generic.

In this class we see how to work with both, with the hashset being our component.


LINQ stands for Language Intergrated Query. It is pronounced link.

Let's start by getting our feet wet with a Hello World LINQ program to query an array for documents ending with .doc extension in VB.NET.


Something Random is something that doesn't have a particular order.

Sometimes in Programming we need to generate with such data. Visual Basic.NET therefore provides a class defined in the System namespace called Random.

This class represents a pseudo-random number generator. This implies that it is will produce a sequence of numbers that meet certain statistical requirements for randomness.


DataGridView is a windows forms component that displays data in a customizable grid.

DataGridView does provide a powerful, flexible mechanism for rendering tabular data.


In this class we see how to populate a DataGridView from an ArrayList.

DataGridView is a windows forms component that displays data in a customizable grid.


VB.NET being part of powerful of the .NET framework inherits alot of capabilities of modern languages like C#.

Most of the libraries and APIs are actually shared. Most of the winform components found in C# can be found in VB.NET as well. One example is ListView which allows us display data in multiple columns.

VB.NET ListViews are quite easy to use and efficient. You can build pwoerful management systems with VB.NET when you combine it with a RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) like Microsoft Access. Hence our today's aim is to perform CRUD operations against MS access database with VB.NET using OleDBData classes.

We insert/save data to ms access database from textboxes. We retrieve/select data from the database and bind it to a listview component. We update/edit data. We also delete/remove data row by row.


VB.NET ListBox MS Access tutorial. How to INSERT SELECT UPDATE and DELETE data

In this video we see how to INSERT SELECT UPDATE and DELETE data to and from MS Access with ListBox as our component and vb.net the language. This is a video tutorial. I will update the text tutorial soon.


Performing CRUD operations is such an important part of management systems. Be it school management system, pharmacy management system or even point of sale systems, inserting and retrieving data is must. It’s why databases are there after all. In this simple example, we see how to insert data to MS Access database, retrieve that data and bind it to a ListView. This is a vb.net tutorial.

Questions this Examples helps answer.

  • How to save and retrieve records to and from database.
  • How to show MS Access data in a ListView in vb.net.
  • How to save from textbox to access database.
  • How to use OleDBConnection class in vb.net.

Here we see a timer example with a custom circular progressbar.We see how to start the timer,stop it,resume it as well as reset on button click.


If there is one area where a language like VB.NET excels is making management systems. Be it school management system, hospital managements system,sales management system etc. From point of sale applications to registration systems, .NET generally provides us with all the tools we require.

The best way normally to start learning how to make such systems is to learn basic CRUD with database. In this tutorial that’s what we see, how to INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE and DELETE data to and from MS Access database with VB.NET. The component we use is ListView.