C# HTTP Flurl ListView JSON Tutorial Example.

In this tutorial we see a practical example of how to download and parse JSON data from online and bind the data in a C# windows forms listview.

Flutter Navigator Tutorial and Examples.

This is a Navigator tutorial and example. We first discuss the Navigator class then look at various examples, for example how to open a different page or screen when a given button is clicked.

JavaFX Create Email Form

This is a practical tutorial in which we see how to create a beautiful email sending form using the following controls:

  1. ComboBox - Custom editable and non-editable comboboxes.
  2. TextField - To display the email subject.
  3. Labels - To show various captions and notification when email is sent.
  4. TextArea - To allow user to type the email message.
  5. Button - To simulate sending email when clicked.

C# XmlTextWriter Tutorial and Example.

In this tutorial, we want to see how to programmatically create an XML file programmatically. The magic ball we use is the XmlTextWriter, a class defined in the System.Xml namespace.

C# WPF ListBox Tutorial and Example.

This is a C# Windows Presentation Foundation ListBox Tutorial and Example. Normally a ListBox is a component that allows us render lists of items.

ListBoxes are usually single column and are meant to be used for simple items. For more complex lists you can use a ListView.

Android Retrofit JSON GridView Example and Tutorial.

In this tutorial we want to see how to download JSON data from online, then parse that data using Google GSON and then bind the data to a custom GridView. The data will comprise images and text and we render them in custom cardviews. We use Retrofit, a modern and fast http client for android.

Let's start.

Flutter Searchview and Listview tutorial example.

We see how to search/filter a listview in flutter using a searchview. That so called searchview is actually a custom textfield. We will use a TextEditingController to notify us of text changeson our textfield. Thus this allows us easily search our data.

C# Graphics - Drawing Image on String Tutorial.

Here we want to see how to you draw a string on an image. We will make use of the Graphics class to do this. But first we will load our image from the file system via the Image class. That class provides with the FromFile() method which allows us easily load our image onto memory from the filesystem.

Then we draw that image using the Graphics class. We also draw a frame around the image and fill the rectangle with some color.

JavaFX ComboBox Tutorial and Example

In this tutorial we want to explore the JavaFX ComboBox. How to populate it with data then handle the selected item change events thus showing the selected item in an alert dialog.

VB.NET Graphics Example.

In this VB.NET piece we want to look at Graphics class and how to use it to achieve some common things we wouldn't normally achieve with simple windows forms alone. For example we want to see how we can load an image and draw some string into it. Something like this normally you do with a powerful image editor. However we want to see how to do this programmatically.