Android Awesome FABRevealLayout Example

This is an android FABRevealLayout tutorial. Basically we have a Floating Action Button that when clicked displays some hidden layout. This occurs with beautiful animations.


Android Filter GridView using Spinner Example

In this tutorial we want to see how to filter a gridview using a spinner widget. You select a category from the spinner or dropdown and that is used as a constraint thus allowing us filter a simple gridview.

Kotlin Android SQLite database simple CRUD example tutorial

This is an SQLite tutorial for android using Kotlin programming language. We see how to perforom operations like inserting, updating, reading and deleting data.


Android ScratchCard Creation Tutorial using Paint class

We want to create a cool custom view called ScratchCard. As the name suggests, user scratches the card to reveal a random code/digit in this case. By default that code is hidden and you only view it after scratching the card.


How to Create a Countdown Timer using jQuery without any Library

This tutorial and examples allows you to create a professional countdown-timer with just jQuery, HTML and CSS. No third party plugin or library is needed.

Let's go.

How to Create Modals using Pure Javascript without any Library

There is no need to include third party libraries sometimes for something as creatable as a modal. In this tutorial we explore how to create great looking professional modals using only a few lines of Javascript,HTML and CSS.

The modals will have both header,footer and content section.


How to Create a Basic Arithmetic Calculator using React.js

This is a beginners introduction to React.js example. We want to see how to use React to create a simple hello world calculator. Our calculator will be able to perform basic arithmetics like Addition,substraction,division,multiplication and modulo.


Android SingleChoice RecyclerView Tutorial

In this tutorial we want to see how to create a single choice recyclerview. That is a recyclerview with radiobuttons. User can select a single item and we open the item's detail activity thus showing it's data.


How to Install and Setup React using Visual Studio Code

In this tutorial we want to cover how to setup and install ReactJS in Visual Studio then create our Hello World app. We use the Create React App template.

Android Custom LoveView or HeartView Creation Tutorial using only android.graphics.Paint class

In this tutorial we want to see how to paint a LoveView or HeartView or ThumpUps View or LikeView using the powerful android.graphics.Paint class.We will draw both Love/UnLove or Like/UnLike buttons and show to use them.